Lidio, my friends!

(That’s hello in elfin!)

I’m so excited you’ve found your way to this special place. There are so many wonderful places to visit on the World Wide Web that it's easy to get lost in it all. This spot, though, is like visiting the South Pole – full of things that are a little different than most places you’ll visit.

I’m JingleBelle Jackson, the lucky top elf in this part of the world.

I get asked a lot about what made me start the South Pole Santa series. Maybe you were wondering, too.

I think it was a calling. There was this pull to connect with my treasured nephews when they were younger and we’d make up stories together about South Pole Santa. They grew up but the idea just wouldn’t let go of me.

We’re living in a new world and our traditional Christmas stories still add joy but it seemed time for a “freshen up.” A new story started to emerge. One where South Pole Santa was the “polar opposite” of our traditional Santa – young, female, multi-cultural, fit, active, less focused on things and more focused on service and kindness.


And here we are, in a whole new world of wonder and magic thanks to Sandra and her band of merry makers and adventure takers.

Thank you for being here. I feel lucky everyday getting to share these stories thanks to kindness lovers and readers like you!

What's Next?

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