Tips for taking a break from Facebook

I’m working on developing some new habits and trying some new things this summer. Most of it is small – exploring new recipes, turning down side roads I haven’t been on before, reading new books, ordering different cocktails, putting together different tops with pants – that sort of silly, but mindful, thing. And I’m also exploring some bigger ideas for me. Things like

Plan now to #getyoursummeron!

Some of you may remember that I declared last summer #thebestsummerever – and, honestly, it was one of the best! Thanks to planning, combined with positive vibes and expectations, it turned out to be great fun and I’m going for more this year!

I get greedy. Last summer was so much fun it has to be done again. So this summer I’m going with #supersummer (with inspiration from the great super hero Wonder Woman who inspired me greatly in her movie!) and I’m going for it again.

Some Top Tips for Traveling

Its two days into official summer and mine has launched into a good one right from the start. If I go back to June 1, when I personally declare that the summer season has begun, it’s a super summer already!

For starters, I had the opportunity to attend a conference for work in Washington D.C. (the other Washington for all of us from the state) and packed my off hours with exploring that great city! What a place to go. It seemed like at every turn there was some piece of history to take in. The city is full of monuments and museums! Not to mention great

Oh the simple joys

Is it the sunshine coming through the window that has made me feel mellow and happy and grateful or maybe this movie I’m watching (The Last Word with Shirley MacLaine – sounded like one a writer should watch but its tugging at my heart strings. ‘Take risks. Fall on your face. Fail spectacularly.” – Shirley MacLaine)

Maybe it’s the three-day weekend ahead. Anyone who follows me at all knows how much I love those!

Maybe it’s

So Many Favorites!

Some recent favorites to share today!

Lets start right off with my sweet mother! It's Mothers Day weekend here in the US and I've been blessed with a good one who has given me the priceless of gift of unconditional love. Thanks Mom! Love you back! (I got a good dad too!)

Ten Tips & a Bonus for Road Tripping with Friends

I’m just back in from a wonderful week away with my guy road tripping with the incredibly talented Tina who does my South Pole Santa book covers, her fabulous guy, Jeff, and her two charming sons, Will, 15 and James, almost 11. Six of us in a minivan! Watch out California!

I was one of those lucky sorts growing up who had parents who took us on annual road trips. The redwoods and the Monterey Peninsula in California were destination spots so nostalgia drove a lot of my planning for this trip. I especially wanted to be sure the boys had a fun-filled time and had the same kind of memories to think back on.

Some people have been surprised when they hear

Latest Favorites

Oh my dear readers, I have had those bad ole winter time blues and inspiration has been elusive with not a single thing in my mind to come here and talk to you all about. But spring is on the horizon, occasional moments of sunshine have been finding their ways thru the clouds and rain of Washington state weather and I am starting ever so slowly to feel creative and optimistic. I’m starting to feel

Kindness matters . . .

Don’t look now but its already closing in on Feb 12th which is not just the week of love and Valentines Day but the national week of Random Acts of Kindness! My favorite!

It is so easy to join this seven-day celebration – and so needed in this time of U.S. and world tumult. All we have to do is . . . be kind! Well, okay, ideally, we are

The Joy of Reading

I’m on a quest this year to catch up on fun, recreational reading so I popped over to the NPR list of what they posted as the best books of 2016 as a place to get started. I tend to love sci fi, dystopian, fantasy and young adult with a bit of “weightier” reading thrown in here and there. (To my credit, lest you think less of me for my choices, my favorite book of all times is the wonderful classic, Jane Eyre.)

After perusing books from a number of NPR’s assorted genre’s I landed on ordering Dark Matter as my starting place. It was

The highs - and lows - of January!

Hello kindness peeps! It’s time for a January update.

Ahhhh January. It’s my nemesis. There’s a reason I made it Slumber Month for the elves in the books – I usually feel like I personally could just sleep through it. The dark and gray wears on me and I tend to cocoon. Lethargy is always around the corner, naps call to me and it is the only month of the year that I ever consistently get eight hours of sleep – and probably could do more. It’s the dark mornings that whisper for me to stay tucked in till

Hello 2017! A year of kindness!

A new day and a new year = new experiences and new adventures!

I'm ready to welcome this new year. I'm seeing the old one out with a last vicious cold. Grrrrrrr. This whole being sick thing has got to end with the old year. I am soooooo over picking up every cold going around!

But in between bouts of throwing myself a big ole pity party, I have

Happy Christmas to All!

And just like that, the day has arrived. The best, most magical day is here tomorrow followed by the wonderful day of Christmas!

Happy December!

Oh beautiful wonders, I am being completely astonished that December has arrived. My full family - except just one - plus some extra "framily" members, making 19 of us in total, got to spend Thanksgiving in the tropical paradise of Maui Hawaii. So spectacular and so much fun! We all did so


Treats for your favorite elves!

In every book of the South Pole Santa series there is a special recipe included in the back developed by my talented baking friend, Betsy Chan.

Betsy and I met in a unique way - we were

Some fall, some fun . . .

Happy World Kindness Day! November 13 marks the special day every year. Now more than ever we need to call on each other to choose love and kindness, understanding and unity, over separation and discord. Today is

Free smiles! Free book alert!

Get ready, get set, go . . . right on over to and get your FREE ebook copy of where it all started, The Search for South Pole Santa!

Right now, for the next . . .

Oh Oh Oh What a Great Life!

Thanks to all the great people in it I live such a fun life! Yes, are there things that aren't quite as fun as others, you bet. I would love to be

Get Enchanted with Enchantments!

Shout it up on the housetop! The new book has arrived!

I’m so excited to share with you all that Enchantments is here and on the bookshelf on! It came in at a whopping