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A Gift From me to Fabulous You!


Happy Joy in July everyone!

And a warm welcome to any of you who might be new and swinging by the site for the first time. I’ve been having so  much fun this month with the Joy in July theme. It seems Christmas in July is far more “practiced” then I realized. QVC has been featuring Christmas items all month on its channel, Hallmark, of course, and the ABC Family Channel both had their annual runs of Christmas movies in July and then I saw that some of the online games you can play changed their themes for the month to Christmas as well. I’m all for Christmas magic sneaking in here and there all year round.

Next, thank you to all of you who have so kindly signed up for my new monthly enewsletter! I’m excited about having this new opportunity to chat on kindness and magic and girl power and well, all around, fun! I plan [Read more...]

Joy in July tip!


Lot more fun tips on

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Get on the Nice List!


Oh Oh Oh! It’s time to celebrate! Do you see anything new around here by chance? Like the new, large, green colored, opt-in box at the top of the page?!?

I’m getting more and more organized and legitimized around here all the time and with some help from some friends – love you Wendy Reese, Wendy Pariss and Jennifer Blanchard – I have some new features!

I am sooooo hoping you will choose to sign up on the “Nice List” above. Once you do, you’ll get access to a fun little set of some freebees that Sandra and I have put together for you. Then, once a month, you’ll get an enewsletter delivered right to your inbox with ideas and reports on kindness and spreading magic year round to help make our world a happier and joyous place. Plus, as an added bonus, you’ll get to read the first couple of chapters of the next book way before it becomes available to everyone else and there’s loads going on! :) It would be my true honor to have you on the list.

A few other updates you’ll notice around the site here:

  • Under the “Fun Extra’s” button above you can now find pdf versions of most the extras that you can print out for fun.
  • Wendy Pariss drew us the cutest elf coloring sheet! It’s getting added to our Fun Extra’s page. Moms with young children, this new extra is for you!
  • The review list has been updated! Thank you soooooo much to all of you who have taken the time to review one or the other or both books (:) ) and spread the news of Sandra’s adventures. For anyone who has read and enjoyed one of the adventures, I would welcome your review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or sent as a note just to me. They always make my day!

Thank you for being fabulous and spreading the joy of Christmas and kindness year round! It is a wonderful thing to have friends cheering you on and loving Sandra and her friends. And before you go, don’t forget to put your name on the Nice List – ‘cause you don’t want to end up on either Santas’ naughty list! :)

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Joy in July Reminder!


Time for an adventure!


Happy 4th of July! Woo-Hoo!

Truthfully it’s the 5th of July as I write this but you just have to give me a little leeway because yesterday was my birthday. :) No time to write – I was too busy out pursuing as much happiness as I could cram into the day!

I love having a 4th of July birthday. There’s always fun things to do. People are in a good mood. You have the day off work. There’s bunches of celebrations. Everyone really should get to have their birthday on the 4th of July. :) I’d be happy to share cause it would still be full of fun. The day is special.

I thought about what I was wanting to do this year and decided I’d like to get out adventuring. It’s one of my favorite things to do! Here’s how I plan an adventure day: [Read more...]

Happy Christmas in July!


The Hallmark Channel does it. ABC Family Channel does it. QVC Shopping Channel does it so why the heck shouldn’t we? That’s right celebrating the magic of Christmas year round is catching on and we’re right in the middle of it!

Things are happening around here and I’m getting so excited about some of the changes. Did you notice Sandra now welcoming you to the website? And the huge pile of nice reviews that have been added? Next up is a sign-up for my all new monthly newsletter. I’m getting jazzed about all of it!

But for starters, every day this month over on my facebook page (you are following me there right?) I’ll be posting a Joy in July tip for ways to enjoy Christmas magic this whole wonderful summer month long. And I’ll have an extra special trip happening later in the month so keep your eyes open to watch for it!

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There’s magic blowing in!


Hi from stormy and beautiful Lake Roosevelt!

Lake Roosevelt is this beautiful reservoir behind the grand Grand Coulee dam in eastern Washington State. I’m lucky enough to have a sister who has a place here with her family and she lets the rest of us come stay too. Nice, huh? Don’t those storm clouds look awesome? Full of rain yes but electricity and the power of Mother Nature. The best magic around! :)

We’re attending a wedding this weekend, doing a lot of catch up, soaking in the sun and maybe even jumping in the cold lake! For me, as is normal, I’m also over here getting inspired to kick in and get my second draft of book three done and off to readers for feedback. It’s gotta happen! [Read more...]

Oooey gooey’s just for youey’s :)


Just when I think there is nothing new you can do with cinnamon rolls — I mean we’ve had cinnamon rolls, cinnamon roll cookies and cinnamon roll pancakes on here — here comes another wonderful looking recipe I think kids and elves would love. These yummy numbers featured on the creative blog, Oh, Bite It!, have a yummy surprise in the middle — marshmallows! What kid of all ages wouldn’t love finding that fun surprise in the middle of their cinny roll? [Read more...]

Season’s Greetings in June!


Two super fun inspirations for you today:

First up don’t you just love, love, love this fabulous map made by Brieanna, my very talented book coach? I am crazy about it! It is just SO Sandra and joyous and shows so well all the world that has to be covered in one day/night on Christmas Eve! No wonder Santa had to add a second Santa. We live on a big planet if you’re on your own for toy deliveries in one night. I love that this map captures so well what Sandra — and Santa — are really all about: [Read more...]

A green & red pasta salad -yum!


What are my favorite two words around making dinner?

Easy and tasty! (And then easy again. :))

This dish hits both those with the added benefit of having loads of protein in it without any meat! Plus it is done in very pretty Christmas colors! Double bonus!

Now, I’m far away from being a true vegetarian. But I could rightfully be considered a “conscientious consumer” when it comes to protein dishes (wish that were true around sugar as well!) My guy and I tend to eat a lot of meals at home that are meatless but not worry about what we have when we’re out to dinner or dining with friends. [Read more...]