There's Christmas Magic Year-Round Here!

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Free Book Day!

Woo-Hoo! Starting today and going through Saturday, October 25 you can get The Search for South Pole Santa FREE! Pick one up for yourself and help me spread the word. It’s everyday price is a bargain but FREE is best of all! :) Just hop on over by following the link below. (Its downloadable for Kindle and the Kindle app if you don’t happen to have a Kindle.) Thanks for being wonderful!


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Halloween Dessert Fun!

We had the most warm and beautiful fall day here in the Northwest that I can ever remember. Our doors and windows were open, the sun was shining and we had shorts on — in October! Unheard of here. It is such a special treat that the trick is to get your head to believe it is indeed closing in on the END of October soon! In fact, there are only like 65 days till Christmas!

But, while it might indeed be warm it is the marvelous, wonderful month of October and that means the fun, fun, fun holiday of Halloween. We’re not throwing a Halloween party this year but I do have some potluck events coming up so off I went to Pinterest this morning and found all sorts of easy peasy, yummy, creepy things to make for those occasions. Here are more four favorites. Parents, I think your kids would love them too! (I especially love these spider chocolate chip cookies. So easy and so clever! And the “monster eyes” cookies are in South Pole Santa colors!)





What about you? Any spooky specialties you like to serve?

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Jingle and the Really Great Day!



I had such a wonderful magic filled 24 hours from start to now that I just have to talk about it with you all.

First, The Santanapping is an ebook! Its available now, like the other two, for Kindle owners and everyone else too simply by downloading the free Kindle app. Just $2.99 for a book full of family fun. 


Second, I hit 400 likes on my facebook page!  Woo-Hoo! Thank you to all of you giving your support over there. So kind!



Third, today I came into my everyday job to flowers, bagels and this wonderful banner from my super fabulous work group. They are always so good to me.


Fourth, I had a flu shot today – but then I didn’t! I was ready for it but got banned since I have a cold. Dang-a-lang about the cold but no shot! (For now.) Woo-Hoo!


Fifth, I had a nice coffee catch-up visit with a new friend. We had some good chuckles together.


Sixth, when I came back to my office after my visit I got my parking spot back! Score! That never happens anymore. Parking spots are like gold at my office these days.


Seventh, we were invited to a wine tasting party after work which was a whole bunch of fun! Great way to kick off the weekend a little bit early. Yummy sparkling wine!


Eighth, there are loads of new sign-ups for The Jolly Jingle newsletter! Thank you! There’s a super fun prize one lucky subscriber will win this month so get in on the fun if you haven’t yet. It’s SUPER easy. Just put your email in the box above and be sure to confirm it’s really you when the email comes through to confirm. Just like that you’re in with the nice crowd! :)


Thank you to you all for helping to put magic in my days! How about you? Was there magic in your day? Did you look for it in all the right places? :)


Oh Oh Oh ! – jingle




Jolly Jingle Gift!


I am so excited about the next gift for the Jolly Jingle drawing that I’m not waiting a minute more to share it! It’s a two parter this month. First you get the fabulous, original, totally all about South Pole Santa Oh OhOh! throw pillow pictured above and you get a copy of the hot-off-the-press newest release, sure to be a bestseller, The Santanapping! Signed by the author of course. :)

Don’t miss out on the fun. If you sign up on the Nice List above you not only get on the Jolly Jingle list for a once a month newsletter on all things kindness, Christmas and all around fun, you also get some fun freebees as well. And every month one lucky subscriber gets a gift from Sandra and me just because we love random acts of kindness and giving gifts! Its a win win win all around! I’d love it if you help me spread the word. Thanks for being wonderful!

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Look at these two cute smiling faces! You can’t help smiling just looking at them, huh? They made my day. This is Ally and Sydney and their mom was the lucky winner of last month’s Jolly Jingle drawing! When Sandra heard the winner had two daughters, well, she insisted on sending along a letter just for them and a few extra treats. So much fun! And speaking of so much fun, I am SUPER excited about the drawing prize for this month! The next issue of The Jolly Jingle will arrive in mailboxes on October 24. Don’t miss out on the fun – just leave your email in the green box above if you haven’t already. Thanks so much for the love and support.

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A “pear”fectly lovely start to the day



Just swinging by to share how beautiful our glass pear is looking on these sunny fall mornings. This beautiful blown glass, over sized pear that we got at an art auction this year I have on our newel post decked out with some autumn leaves and the sun from upstairs shined down from above and lit it up spectacularly. Don’t  you love it? It made me smile and I just had to share. Love to you all on this beautiful fall day.

Oh Oh Oh! – jingle

Three books!


The paperback of The Santanapping is now available on and the ebook version should be joining it sometime next week. Thank you so much to all of you who cheer me on, spread the word about the importance of kindness and show the love to Sandra and me. It truly means so much.

Oh Oh Oh! – jingle


Oh Christmas Books, Oh Christmas Books . . .

Christmas magic is a wonderful thing year round and helping to spread that cheer is a couple of authors – one of them world famous times ten and one of them a brand new author as far as I can tell. But both of them have great sounding books worth a read.

And first my disclosure – I have not yet read either of these. I’m sharing them here just the same because they sound fun and I know some of you have more time to read then I do so you can start right in.

download (2)

Let’s start with the one by Debbie Macomber of Hallmark Channel “Cedar Cove” fame. Macomber has written so many books loved by the masses – and made into movies and even the new TV series — but my favorite by her are always related to Christmas. I have really enjoyed her “Mrs. Miracle” movies with Doris Roberts (mom on Everybody Loves Raymond) in the lead. This year, her Christmas book is called Mr. Miracle and it looks like another that is sure to be a beloved bestseller. Macomber is a Northwest author and this book she places right in our neck of the woods in Tacoma, Washington. It involves an angel and a love story as most of her books do. Most interesting – and envy raising for this author who dreams of the day – the book is coming out in October and debuts as a Hallmark movie in November. How suh-weet is that? Oh to dream.


Now the other author isn’t nearly as popular yet but she is definitely clever starting with her very fun name – Candy Cane Claus! You know someone named JingleBelle Jackson is going to love someone named Candace Jane Kringle and promotes her book as a “memoir!” I love everything about this book on the outside so I’m thinking if it’s anything close to as clever and fun on the inside it has to be good. Her book is North Pole High – A Rebel Without a Claus. Be still my heart. I wish I had thought of it! In this case the plot is all around teens at a high school at the North Pole. I love the coolness of it and how it so perfectly targets the teen/YA crowd. I have author envy for sure.

So many books and so little time! For Christmas lovers though these two sound like they’re worth a look. Put em’ on your Christmas list!


Oh Oh Oh! – jingle


I Love October!

Hello Hello all of you kindness and Christmas lovers! Happy October first! Today kicks off my favorite three months of the year! I hope they go by soooooo slow so I can enjoy every single wonderful minute of them. How ‘bout you? Is October your favorite month too or are you a summer lover? Or a December fan? Maybe April flowers are your thing? For me, I am all about fall fabulousness and October has it all!


A couple of quick things to share today.

First, congratulations to Shannon Yun, the winner of the September drawing for a message in a bottle. From all those messy pieces of paper above, Shannon’s name was drawn and she receives the $25 gift card to Amazon. Best of all, Shannon has eight-year-old daughters so Sandra Claus… got to send along a note too! I love sending those fun packages. Thank you to all of you have signed up for the monthly Jolly Jingle. You are simply the best. (Are you on the Nice List yet? Be sure to sign up in the green box above so you too can be eligible for this month’s fun drawing.)  

Second, besides pumpkins and leaves and parties and Halloween do you know what other wonderful thing October has? The release day of The Santanapping coming full speed ahead!! I can hardly believe it but those lovely hard workers at Amazon got right on this book and it is actually going to be out earlier then the first two even though I got it turned in later. I am so excited about that. I think, fingers and toes crossed of course, it may even be out and ready for prime time purchasing next week! Of course, I’ll be shouting that news here for sure. :)

I’m on the run today but come back tomorrow. I have two cool Christmas novels to tell you about that look really promising.

 Oh Oh Oh! – jingle


Drum roll please . . .


Three months till Christmas Day! Holy smokes, I’m nowhere near ready. :)

Well, in the meantime – at last! – the time has come that I can share news of book three! I’ve been thinking about it all day because I meant to post it last night! So, first, the cover! What do you think? It’s another fabulous original work of art by my wonderful, talented, beautiful friend Tina Fischer Mitchell! I love it. My dad however was brave enough to share that a desert cover didn’t seem like the South Pole to him. Fair enough. You might think the same way. But he hasn’t had a chance to read the book yet so I’m hoping after that he’ll change his mind and think it’s the perfect cover once again. I hope you will think so too. :) Either way, I love my dad anyways. And all of you too for being so wonderful. :) 

And now, the book description which actually doesn’t tell you a whole bunch but it was tricky to write without giving any of the important plot points away since things start happening right away:

“When Sandra Claus… is Santanapped by people she thought were her friends, she believes there is no way possible she could feel more anger or despair. But when she finds out she wasn’t the only one taken, those feelings accelerate and kick her into action. Now it’s up to her to help Santa, help the elves and help the children of the world have a Christmas! It’s time for Sandra to fully embrace being South Pole Santa.

Hang on to your Santa hat for another fun-filled, magic-filled romp with Sandra and her friends. Fans of JingleBelle Jackson’s first two books will find all their favorite characters and new friends to fall in love with too. No matter your age, if you love kindness and Christmas, you’re sure to enjoy this family adventure!”

“Jackson’s best book so far!”  “Full of surprises!” “I couldn’t put it down!”

Weren’t those nice quotes I got from my volunteer readers? So nice of them!

Three more weeks and we should have a book ready to be read by all. Oh Oh Oh! – jingle!

P.S. I’m in such a good mood today. Can you tell? Just feeling happy. Get your happy on too!