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Good Choices for a Good Life!


Hello Hello wonderful kindness lovers! I hope you’ll feel like practicing some kindness on me for being so remiss on chattering in this space for far too long again. This life of ours always has so many balls to juggle.

I’ve been zooming and always have a lot to share but today, I want to talk on some things from a work conference I’m just back in town from.

I had the good fortune of attending a conference on change management in Dallas this past week. The event was great! Packed full of good info and super nice people. Maybe change agents in organizations are naturally inclined to be kind. Whatever the case, I had two favorite things from this conference: the place it was held and the featured speakers.


The place was the really fabulous Gaylord Resort. You seriously need to check this place out and if your travels take you to Dallas, look at this place for your lodging. It was like staying in a biosphere! Beautiful space, nice rooms, lots of live music (my favorite!) good places to eat and drink, and nice fitness facilities. Then, you would enter the conference facilities and they were even bigger and equally as grand! I give it a total thumbs up on a pleasant surprise bonus for a work conference. Here’s a link so you can check it out yourself. Oh and the photo here is me with a work friend and two tall cowboys we came across at the conference banquet. Yee Haw!

The speakers, though, took the conference over the top. Shawn Achor, a Harvard Neuro-Scientist, gave a rousing opening talk on why being positive matters and the advantage happiness gives us. He was talking my language for sure! He had so many wonderful points to make but here were some key thoughts that struck me:

  • Happy people are more creative, productive and engaged in life
  • A daily gratitude practice is one of the quickest ways to happiness (I’m hoping you all do this. It has ramped up my life into true levels of wonderful and is so simple.)
  • Feeling joy turns on learning centers in our brain.
  • Helping others often brings more happiness to you then it does to others. (I totally feel this way! Being kind can be very selfish really because it just makes you feel so darn good. 🙂 )
  • Check out more of Shawn’s talk here at his very popular Ted Talk which is short and filled with smiles.

So the opening session was power packed with good stuff and the closer might have even been better. New York Times bestselling author, Brene Brown, presented the last session. She focused on the power of vulnerability and how vulnerability ALWAYS walks hand in hand with courage.

It’s so true! When you are being courageous, you are overcoming a personal fear and fear generally comes around fearing you will fail. That others will know you tried and failed. There is a huge vulnerability around that. So to be courageous, you hold on to vulnerabilities hand, look it in the eye, and leap anyway.

For me, and likely many authors, that has come around writing. To write is to put a big part of yourself out there and it comes with a lot of vulnerability attached. In the beginning it surprised me but the more I write, the more wonderful readers take the time to reach out and say the books have meant something to them, the stronger I’ve become about writing. Even the tough reviews have become easier to take.

ChoosetoLean In

Brene turned out to be a hilarious story teller and had all of us – more than 1000 men and women – roaring with laughter as she told stories about herself that we could all relate to. I’m sure if she heard my little sharing about writing and the books, her response would be “you must lean into the discomfort.” It’s hard as we all know, but wonderful experiences come when we risk the discomfort and are willing to let ourselves be vulnerable. She encouraged us and I want to encourage all of you in the same way. Whatever you want but are scared of, choose to lean in. There are those who might not support but there is a world of people who need your gifts!

Brene also has a wonderful Ted Talk – one of the most viewed of all. When you have some time of your own, sit down and spoil yourself with her words of wisdom. So powerful!

I hope you all know that you are wonderful and fabulous and gifted and beautiful inside and out and that you are all you need to be. Embrace joy and spread it around!

Oh Oh Oh! – jingle

Reading rather than Writing

Hello Hello wonderful readers! Let’s talk books today.

First though, today marks EIGHT MONTHS TO CHRISTMAS EVE! Seriously, how nuts is that? The year is zooming along at super speed!

I’ve actually squeezed in bits and pieces of time for reading the last month which is super unusual for me when I’m in the writing process. I don’t usually have much spare time and I never want to pick something up from another author inadvertently. So I feel like it represents growth that I haven’t been worried about that this round. Instead, I’ve just dove in and knocked out several – all three of them young adult series.

IMG_7863 (1)

First up, I read Riders by Veronica Rossi. I read her series Under the Never Sky a couple years ago and mostly enjoyed it so I thought I would give this a shot too. In this series, Rossi is doing a take on the four horsemen from Revelations in the New Testament I believe. And that, I think, is the weak point of this series. If you don’t happen to be up on your four horsemen knowledge than you are behind from the start. She also chooses an odd style of writing the book with the main character telling the story to his captor. Still, it’s an interesting premise and a new look at a very old tale. It’s first in a series but the others aren’t out yet.

I finished the Half Bad series by Sally Green this month too. This series started out promising, the middle book was a little “meh” but i saw it through with the third and really felt it was just boring with a capital B. I truly hate to give negative reviews so I popped over to Amazon to see what others were thinking and I’m not alone. It just missed its mark. I think there’s a lot better stuff out there to spend time on.

On the flip side, I personally really enjoyed the other series I knocked out. This one was called The Winners Curse series by Marie Rutkoski. I read all three books  and gave them a strong thumbs up. Rutkoski had an engaging story with believable twists and turns, some great rescues and a romance you could believe in. 

I liked them overall. There were some totally contrived situations in all three that could have been resolved with a one minute conversation between the characters and that drives me bonkers but, overall, I thought the general story line was interesting. 

Its interesting reading apocalyptic books. They are SUPER popular – all three of these authors are New York Times bestselling authors – something I would love to be – but the books are always so full of gloom and doom. As anyone stopping by here knows for sure, I’m not a gloom and doom style of writer. But I love the idea of writing books people want to read. It’s a quandary.

For now, I need to put down other author’s books and get cranking out some words on my own current series! 

Meanwhile, in this world, that can feel dark and gloomy at times, shine your light bright. We need it!

Oh Oh Oh! – jingle


The Joys of Spring are Everywhere


I’m here! I’m here!


 I know I’ve been missing of late. I’d like to tell you I’ve been on some big adventure but, truthfully, my life has just been quietly busier than usual. Not with anything exciting really – more the everyday kinds of gurgling along.


 Gurgling is the right word for the past month. It’s bubbled along with some low-level noise. Nothing bad at all has happened but life has been a bit in the neutral zone. There’s been illness, work stresses, taxes, a few family concerns, I lost my glasses, the car has needed serviced – just the stuff called life. Somehow though, it kicked me into a stall mode with writing and I’m still tracking behind but I am determined to kick back out of it and get zooming back into full on fingers flying on the keyboard mode.


 For me, the best way to beat down the blahs is to focus on the blessings and my life is full of them!


 Despite the silly little setbacks, there have been a pile of good things. I’ve had some wonderful talks with family members and friends. Connected with co-workers to figure out some new approaches to work challenges. Had some great dinners out. Spent time outside on some record-breaking days of sunshine. Come home every evening from work to a yard full of those blooming bushes you see above – spectacular! Plus, I got to spend time on Easter with this adorable bunny, my youngest niece Penelope. She is a guaranteed smile maker!

All in all, life is one big, fabbulous, wonderful, adventure.

Oh Oh Oh! – jingle

Living Lucky in Lahaina!



Aloha from the shores of Lahaina on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii! Where almost everything is wonderful except the fact that I wrote out a wonderful update for you all that just poofed into thin air when I hit publish. Grrrrrr, I’m totally trying not to let it mess with my good vibe and restart with a smile on my face.

So, here I am in paradise busy working on Enchantments in a lovely condo by the sea. It’s literally just a few feet away from sand, surf and swaying palm trees and I am loving it! Such an inspirational place to write.

Though I must say that the bright sunlight and tropical colors don’t seem to be having much influence on the story! Oh my gosh, this is definitely a book where Sandra is exploring some tougher issues. She’s struggling with some trade-offs that come in order to have what she wants most and she’s struggling to come to terms with feelings she is challenged by around what should be happy news.

I know that I risk having some readers not enjoy the story as much as the others but I’m at peace with that. I’ve always wanted Sandra and the other characters to be relatable. It would be easy to make Sandra a one dimensional character that was always nice. She’s a Santa and she’s a kindness advocate so it stands to reason she would represent those things. But whether you are human or some magical being (and we all really are 🙂 ) we are all far from one dimension and we all have challenges and lessons to learn. It makes us interesting! It makes our lives interesting! And it definitely helps make characters and adventures more interesting.


It’s important that Sandra, like all of us, have her own challenges. That she have lessons to learn and opportunities to fumble and chances to deepen her own strength of character. She’s getting them this round! Some things she is handling with ease and some things she is wallowing around in conflict. I hope that through it all, readers will see themselves at times and children can find encouragement to dare to risk a lot in search of things they want and believe in.

So, I’m surrounded by beauty here in one of the most beautiful places on our planet, watching whales go by and turtles right below the condo play in the surf. And some people don’t believe in magic! Come to the islands and release your own inner elf!

Mahalo dear readers!

Oh Oh Oh! jingle


Happy Leap Year Day!

It’s February 29th – a missing day most years – how are you celebrating?

I’ve really been thinking a lot the last few days on it being a leap year and this bonus day that we get every four years. I’ve come to the personal conclusion that most of us take this day far too much for granted! For most of us, its just another day – just another work day for many of us and that just flat somehow seems wrong.

It’s a bonus day! A miraculous thing when you really think about it. I kind of find the whole concept of time challenging on the simplest of days. I mean, in practice we make it easy but at the same time we also “manipulate” it a bunch. We “spring forward” and “fall back” routinely in most of the USA. We have four time zones across the country thanks to the train schedules in place more than a century ago. We could have just two time zones in the US – east and west of the Mississippi and life for all would likely be easier. Certainly calling and travel would be!

And every four years we, miraculously, get an extra day! Hooray! (The North Pole actually functions with an extra day between Wednesday and Thursday every week called Sloopday. Helps provide enough time to get all the toy production done. 🙂 ) But where does the time come from to slip in this extra day? It just shows again that this time thing is all an illusion of sorts. A system designed by humans to bring order. Fascinating stuff!

So what do I think we should do on Leap Year Day? Well, for starters, we are overdue for starting a movement to get it as an automatic holiday day from work every four years. Come on – this is bonus time, we should be living it up! In fact, this day should be devoted simply to fun and leisure. That’s my belief for this day. We get a bonus day every four years, how on earth did we not declare a day for fun and magic and adventures – and “leaping” into whatever we feel like exploring on this day that isn’t related to work or chores?

It’s still not too late to make this day special! Insist this extra day be filled with joy. Put on your smiles, decide on something new you want to learn on this bonus day, decide on something fun you want to do on this day, and no matter what be sure and spend a few minutes in gratitude for this very special extra day of the year. Twenty four more hours than we normally get. Leap into it!

Oh Oh Oh! – jingle


Enchanting news . . .

Without further ado I present to you . . . Book five!


Yes, writing has begun and what is likely to be the final book of the series (saying goodbye is hard so I’m staying open that it is “likely” but not locked as the last quite yet) is underway. Surprisingly, things are off to a bit of a dark start with this story. I’m not too worried though – Sandra and the gang like to have fun too much to stay glum for long!

Meanwhile my writing muse, JK Rowling is at it again and releasing a play/book this time! An eighth volume called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and this time she has co-authors. So intriguing! You just know it is going to be great. Plus, rumor has it that she has started on a new children’s series as well and that is sure to take the world by storm. Personally, I am jazzed about all of it.


I saved the best share for last today with a shout out to Tammy Bloom and her wonderful family who sent me the nicest thank you about the books. Here’s what I love the most: her family in this case is her band of treasured animals! They each “signed” the card. Thank you Tammy and company. You all added joy to my day which is the best gift of all.

Oh Oh Oh! – jingle

Love in action!

is all there is

Oh love bugs, its the wonderful day of the year devoted to love. I know it gets wrapped up in couples love but we don’t have to go along with that. Love in all of its forms is a wonderful thing and deserves to be wrapped up in a big red bow and celebrated! We’re all so good at it when we’re little but as we get older we define it more and more narrowly. The truth is love is expansive and grand and the day should include everyone! Be open to receiving love from wherever it comes from – your family, your friends, your pets, your neighbors, your co-workers and, maybe most importantly, yourself. Self love is as important as any you’ll get from anyone else. And be sure to radiate love wherever you go as well. Kindness is love in motion and we can all choose, everyday, to be kind.

I have a couple of really wonderful things to share with you today, First up, an example of love in action. This fantastic story of a young man who saved up all year and bought flowers for every girl at his high school because he wanted them all to feel recognized and included is going viral and should. I love this story!! I wish that kid was mine because that is my kind of kid!


And then, a super sweet treat from me to you proving how much I love you. 🙂 Get thee to the kitchen and make up a batch of this killer chocolate sauce presented by my friend Cathy Weichert that I met at the Pillsbury Bake-Off. This is serious sauce you and your family — its important that you share! 🙂 — will want to put on everything! The elves would go bonkers over this! You are welcome. 🙂


Love to you all on this beautiful day devoted to love. Choose kindness!

Oh Oh Oh – jingle

The “Gifts” of January


Wooooo Hooooo! I’m alive! Overly dramatic but alive. 🙂

I’m just going to tell you right out that I’m not the biggest January fan. There’s a reason I made it Slumber Month for the elves in the books – sleeping seems like the best way to spend the month!

Here in the Pacific Northwest the month tends to be dark and cold and wet and very dark and dreary and just constantly dark. For this girl, I’ve discovered light matters. I actually don’t mind the weather of January as much as the dark, dark, dark. Plus, it follows fall and Christmas – hard acts to follow!

This year though, I resolved to approach the month differently. I know lots of people who love January and I think I used to not mind it quite so much myself when I was younger. I needed to rediscover the gifts of this month. Chiefly:

  • January lets us slow down. Things go at a slower pace this darker month when people don’t want to go out so much.
  • Its a great month for naps and for planning.
  • It has 31 days that should be enjoyed and celebrated like the rest of the year. Every day is a gift!

So I set aside my January blues and approached it with vigor and many good things have been happening:

  • I got in a visit to my parents in Arizona and some sunshine.
  • I met a cherished online friend from Vermont in person while visiting Arizona.
  • I’ve had some great nights out with some really great friends.
  • I’ve even had great long walks out ignoring the pouring down rain. I’m a native Washingtonian afterall!
  • And, most excitingly, I’ve been working with some creative minds on a whole new website coming to this space! I’m super excited about it and will be talking more on it as it begins to unfold.


So, all in all, I was doing pretty good with this “new January” till “new January” hit me with the mother of all colds.

Holy cough suppressant! The sucker really knocked me down. I never miss work for illness and missed two days last week – and wanted to miss two more. It’s a January blizzard but I’m the one blowin’ – my way through two Kleenex boxes. Finally, today, ten days in, I feel like it is lessening up. For that I find myself feeling truly grateful.

And for the cold too. In the end, I’ve been down with a cold. A big-time one with some big-time credentials but we are talking just a cold. I live lucky – even as I reach for the tissue box and pop another cough drop. I know plenty of people with far challenging health issues who would love to have just a cold.

So this cold, turns out to be another of the “gifts of January.” A reminder that gifts come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and we don’t always get what we asked for. In this case, I got down time to think on things that matter and good health is high up on that list.

February starts in the morning and this cold has got to move along. This author needs a clear head and creative mind to get slamming out book five!

Oh Oh Oh! – jingle


Here comes a great year!


Happy New Year!

Woo-Hoo, welcome 2016! I am very weirdly really excited about this new year. I don’t know what it is – I mean it is looking like just about every other new year – but it has a feel of positive energy to it. A sense of promise of opportunity and I am totally ready to take that all on. Bring it on new year – be ridiculously amazing!

Do you select a theme word for your year? I know some do and some don’t. I fall into the “some do” camp. This year I selected two:



I considered all sorts of possible words but these are the two that kept tapping on my shoulder. Rich for not just money (which of course is welcome 🙂 ) but richness of life. Rich in the sense of depth in experience, love, adventure, friendships, work, new opportunity – all the good stuff. And connected in the same sort of way. Connected with others – family, friends and new friends to come – but also with the world, spirit, nature, energy, and myself.

I also love to put together a dream board (collage, wish board) this time of year so I plan to spend some time this wonderful long weekend working on that as well while I put holiday things away and declutter as I go along.

We are moving into the new year. Choose now to shape it and make it your own. Fill it full of whatever you love! Happy New Year!

Oh Oh Oh! – jingle

Wrapping up & Giving Thanks for 2015




Those are my elf angels in the photos. Just with a quick glance, I bet you can tell my Christmas was way past awesome. Our little elves are perfect ages to be soooooo excited about what’s under the tree. We all had a ball!

And now, just like that, the holiday has passed. Happy end of 2015! Thank you so much for your support this past year of Sandra and her adventures! I’ve had a year packed full of fun. Here are some of the notable highs for me:

  • I worked on writing Unwrapped in some wonderful places this year! I traveled to Orcas Island (Washington State), on a cruise ship up the west coast of the U.S. and in a deck chair with a fabulous view of Waikiki. Not a bad life! All of the locations gave me inspiration for some of the adventures that unwrapped in the book.
  • I received some really wonderful, heart-warming emails, comments and reviews from readers. Thank you! Each one is a gift.
  • My facebook page, twitter account and newsletter lists all grew. Thanks for the follows, the likes, the comments and the shares. It makes social media a lot more fun when it is, indeed, really social.
  • The first book hit number three in its category on Amazon! What fun those couple of days were.

I personally love to give the past year a good look of review and assess how it went before I plunge in to the next. How about you? I think on what the big events were, of course, but I try to spend most of my time thinking on what I learned, how I’ve changed and grown, what I’d still like to change about myself – and let go of – before moving into the new year. All that sort of thing. And I really love to look back on all the amazing and wonderful things that happened and the marvelous people in my life and give thanks for it all! It is such a good feeling to end the year on. Try it out yourself. Think about your gratitude list and really breathe it all in! Ahhhhhh! It is a wonderful thing to live a good life.

Oh Oh Oh! – jingle