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Book Four Title!


Its summertime and the living is, well, not easy as much as it is busy! Either way, it gets away from me and I had to pop over here and catch you up on the new title for the book.


What do you think?

I’m pretty darn excited about it. It was, as you recall, Inside Out & Upside Down and I loved that as a title too. In a lot of ways, it really was the most perfect title. Unfortunately though, it really doesn’t have a flavor of Christmas like the others and then Disney came out with that smash hit movie Inside Out and it seemed I needed to move on. So I did.

A brainstorming session was in order over cocktails and appetizers and some more cocktails :) and during that, my brilliant book coach, Brie Vennard is the one who thought up this excellent new title.

I liked it immediately. So many things are unraveled – unwrapped – a mess – chaotic – in this book that Unwrapped seemed just perfect right away. Plus, it’s short, visual and definitely has a Christmas feel to it.


And, double hooray! I have book four done!

Or at least the first and second drafts. It came out right under 72,000 words and I’m pretty excited about it. I’ll admit to being a little nervous too since its somewhat a departure from the other three in its adventuring, but I’m hoping you all will enjoy the twists and turns and inside out nature of it too. We spend a bunch of time in middle earth this book which is certainly a twist from your everyday Christmas tale.

But then, you already know the South Pole Santa series is many things but a retelling of the normal everyday Santa tale it is not! I like it that way. And there is a really wonderful thing that happens this book too that makes my heart happy.

Can’t wait till you all get to know about it all too! We’re getting close to it all getting . . . Unwrapped!

Thanks for being wonderful! Shine your light!

Oh Oh Oh! – jingle


Recent Days!

Have you been getting in on the fun for Joy in July? We’re having 31 days of  magical fun over on the facebook page, on Instagram and on Twitter. Get in on it for your chance at a super fun prize – or just some super fun. Here’s the most recent days:


Your favorite mug!


A saying/quote you like!


A pair of shoes – nice, loved or beat up! Your choice!

There’s more! Check em out! #joyinjuly #31daysofmagic #jinglebellejackson

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Days 12 & 13



We’ve been having fun over on the JingleBelle Jackson page on Facebook with the daily photo challenge! I would love for you to get in on the fun and the chance to win a giveaway worth over $200 smackers! C’mon C’mon, its so super easy. Today is pics of something, anything, green and tomorrow is clouds. Easy peasy super squeezy!

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Try Something New!


V’room V’room!IMG_1001

That’s me there with the big helmet, flashing a smile on an atv. For those like me who may not know, that stands for all-terrain vehicle. Four-wheel drive fun!!

So there we were in Hawaii hitting the beach, soaking in the sun — working on the book — and it just seemed like something was missing. We didn’t want another tour, we didn’t want to “learn” anything like going through a museum. We wanted fun. And then the concierge mentioned atv rides on the other side of the island and we said “tell us more.” It sounded like fun but were we really atv kind of people? We decided we’d find out.

Turns out – we are!


What. A. Blast!!!!

ATVing is now my new very favorite thing to do. We might have started with the top of the ladder atv experience by going in such a beautiful place. We went through bumpy roads, muddy trails, tall grass, jungle areas where you had to drive and duck and big stretches where the view was so awesome you just wanted to pull over. I loved every fast flying minute of it.

So c’mon, what have you tried new and fun lately? You gotta stretch sometimes to find out something you might have been born to do! :)

Oh Oh Oh! – jingle


Day 7 & 8 of fun!


Wonderful woofers is what we are on the lookout for today for our #31daysofmagic #joyinjuly fun! This guy has left us now but he gave us years of love and joy. What a privilege it was to have him for ours.


And for day 8 it is is fruit time! Any fruit you want but since I have the fabulous good fortune of being in tropical paradise right now, I’m going with the international sign of welcome — a box of pineapples!

Would love to have you play along! Someone is going to win a really fun prize! :)

Oh Oh Oh! – jingle

A Sign!


For those of you who follow along on my writing journey you know it tends to include some journeying. :) I write in blocks of time rather than everyday like most writers and I have made it my mission to do those blocks in inspiring places. Orcas Island near us is my favorite spot actually but you can’t beat a tropical island either so here I am in beautiful Honolulu this week. Lucky lucky me!

It is truly paradise over here in Hawaii with the sun and the surf and the laid back attitude there’s no doubt. I love it all. But I truly do come on over here to write and I am so completely jazzed to say yesterday I finished the first draft on book four!!! WoooHoooo! It is always such a relief.


To be honest though, just a few days ago when we first arrived I was struggling. I was doubting myself big time and really wondering if I should even finish. I get those moments and they can be tough to work through – especially when the sun and the surf is calling. And then it was my birthday and we took the day off and I just decided to let it go for the day completely and ask for a sign on whether to keep going.

And I got one. That one up above.

Boom. First stop we hit was the Dole Plantation. We are strolling around in the gardens and there was this sign. Literally a sign. And when I looked closer at it the North Pole was on it and Antarctica! Now that is a sign.


I needed it. As silly as it may seem it can be the little things some days.

How I love how special the world can be when we’re paying attention. Draft one, book four is now done! Draft two of edits is nearly done! And, get ready, cause it has a new name too. :) So much inspiration happening left and right in paradise.

Aloha! Mahalo to you all!

Oh Oh Oh! – jingle

P.S. Did you know Hawaiian and Elfin languages are very similar? Neither one has the letter “r” for instance and both use lots of vowels. You can find elfin words under the extra tab above. Alobanaba! :)

Day 5 & 6


Well y’all, day four was the easiest of all and I got the least number of pics posted! On my birthday no less! What is up with that? Maybe everyone was out pursuing their happiness on the 4th? Well then, hooray!

So day 5 is here and I’m posting ahead for day 6 so you don’t miss out on any of the fun. I would love for you all to play along!


So for day 5 it is pic of bicycles or motorcycles. Let’s see why you’ve got! And for day 6 we are talking stacks of books. Or just one or two books if you prefer. or a bookshelf. I’m not picky. :) It might be my favorite challenge of the whole month. I certainly have stacks all around the house. Here’s my stack of books I hope to read this summer. Ha! I always have such grand plans to squeeze in such little bits of time.

Hope you are staying cool wherever you are! Here in “Hot”olulu we’re having record breaking temps for this time of year in the 90s. Thank goodness for water and trade-winds!

Oh Oh Oh! – jingle

The Pursuit of Happiness!

images (2)

I’m a 4th of July kind of girl. Pretty much I always have been. I love the picnics, the fireworks, the summer sunshine – the day off! And I have the bonus of it being my birthday. :) But I also really love all the things the day represents to Americans – independence, freedom, rights, and my very favorite – the pursuit of happiness! Have you been pursuing your happy lately? The elves are excellent at it! :) Here’s some of the reasons it’s so important not to set happiness aside:

  • It makes life fun! Being happy is fun! Partly because you notice the positive things so much more and partly because it helps you connect with those things that are most meaningful to you. When you feel happy, smiles and joy come with it and those things all add up to make life more fun – for you and those around you too.
  • It keeps you healthy! When we are down, depressed, negative, holding things in – that tends to actually manifest itself into physical ailments. We lose our energy. We notice our aches and pains more. We develop more upset stomachs, more headaches – real illnesses. Stomp them out by letting go of anger and burdensome thoughts and releasing your inner happy.

  • It draws people and experiences to you! When we are happy and positive, other people are far more inclined to want to be around us versus when we are major downers. Happiness draws other happy people and others who are ready and willing to be happy and just need a little encouragement. Being negative is a tough energy for anyone – even your own self when you are the unhappy one – to be around for very long. Be happy and connect. Everyone will want to have some of what you’re having. J

  • It adds meaning to life! Being happy, for me, is heavily connected to being thankful. Gratitude for all the parts of my life not only helps keep me happy it also helps add deep meaning to my life. I love living happy, smiling, laughing, being silly – and meeting others that are the same. We may pursue different interests in life but at the core is optimism and that automatically gives us something in common. Actively looking for all the wonderful things that happen in my life everyday makes it possible to be happy even on the most challenging of days.

  • It is connected to love! Really and truly when you surround yourself with the pure emotion of love, you can’t help but be happy. Love and kindness are the way through to changing the world and being happy. Being happy and practicing loving, kind ways are partners on a path that make our whole world better. So c’mon, time’s a wasting! We need your happy ways!  

oh oh oh! – jingle

Day 3: Flying your flag!


It’s the lead up to the big day in the USA tomorrow: Independence Day when the stars and stripes fly proudly all over! In honor of that today for the 31 Days of Magic we are on the lookout for flags photos! Any kind will do: American, Canadian, Mexican — name your country! Even sports flags or happy flags – any flag you choose. Pic it and post it and if you’re just tuning in now you can find full details — including the fun giveaway below! Happy July 3!

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Water is the way



Day two! Today your challenge will be to take and post a pic of water. Any kind you want. I’m posting two completely different ideas tonight, just to get you started! Maybe you prefer running water or water in a pool. It’s totally your choice! Ready, set, click and post!

Here’s a reminder on the details. More details are in a post below but it really is super duper easy:

  1. Check here or on Facebook for each days challenge (like take a photo of something yellow)
  2. Click a pic
  3. Post it to my author page on facebook or twitter or instagram or pinterest (Your choice! or all!)
  4. Add #joyinjuly #31daysofmagic #jinglebellejackson (The tags are to so the service I’m using to be sure I don’t miss any posts can find you.)
  5. Wait for the next day and the next bit of fun!
  6. Oh and it would be fabulosity if you shared my posts and/or your posts with your friends so they’ll join in too! More is more fun! :)
  7. Holler at me for questions or just cause you feel like hollering. :)

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