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Get Your Jingle On!

Hey, get your jingle on!

It seems I am super popular this time of year! Well in my own mind anyways. :) Check out all the fun places I’ve found “Jingle” featured this holiday season. So fun!


First off my favorite seasonal bag. Straight from Barnes & Noble. 


I love, love, love this new pillow a lovely friend surprised me with this week. Look how nice it goes with my other holiday pillows!


Okay then next is just an assortment of things I’ve found here and there and all about. Love that jingle adds so much merry to Christmas! 


 Oh Oh Oh! – jingle


Christmas Countdown!


Christmas Checklist

Tree up?

Decorations out?

Cookies baked?

Gifts bought?

Gifts wrapped?

Party dress ironed?

Cards sent out?

Christmas menu decided on?

Watching your favorite Christmas movies?

Gone out driving to look at Christmas lights?

Reading The Search for South Pole Santa to the kids?

Signed up above in the green box to get your monthly copy of the Jolly Jingle? :)

Relaxing with a homemade eggnog, warm winter cocoa or hot buttered rum?

We are under ten days till Christmas at this point! In fact, two weeks from tomorrow we will be celebrating New Years Eve!!


I like New Year’s Eve but its nothing compared to these countdown days to Christmas. :) The only problem with them (and every other day since November 1!) is, if you’re at all like me, you’ve had them stuffed with fun and maybe have gotten a little behind on your Christmas list items. Uh-oh!

I say “oh well.” Oh well beats stressing over it all any day of the week. Get the things done that mean the most, make your own traditions, kick things that don’t work for you to the curb and find your Christmas joy balance point because ultimately, that is really all that matters. Finding the joy in a holiday all about joy.

For me this year, that means – here comes a true confession from a Christmas book author – I’ve toned things down. Most dramatically, the theme for my house this year is “It’s a Fall Christmas!” I added a few white lights and some candles plus a few poinsettias to my fall décor we had out for our holiday dinner party and it became my instant Christmas décor. Tah-dah! We’ve got one small tree up (usually I do a Christmas forest!) and for the two potlucks on our calendar still I’m bringing ready made from Costco instead of taking homemade. That way I stay relatively balanced (as much as a full-on elf can be :) ), no one really cares at all and joy reigns!

So, c’mon, its countdown time. Find your happy place and wrap it with a bow!

Oh Oh Oh! – jingle


Expression of the Month

Hope you’re remembering to throw around our holiday-related expression of the month around a bunch these days of merry merry! Oh Oh Oh!



Holiday Lights in Fresno Delight!






Here I am! Here I am! Catching my breath from a whirlwind week and ready to share some wondrous pictures of Christmas magic in Fresno, California with you tonight!

Now I feel confident that many of you, like me, haven’t really thought of Fresno as the place to go for kicking in your Christmas spirit necessarily but I am here today to help you reconsider that thought!

We had the absolute best time! Our long-time friends, Toby and Corine had asked us down to visit them during Christmas many a year so we could see their neighborhood lights. And its always been one of those things “we’re going to do.” The problem with those things is that too often they don’t get done so it was time to get it off the to-do list and on to the done list.



So. Much. Fun!!!

Oh my goodness. Of course, being good friends, they had our best interests at heart and knew we would love it. Really, at heart it is quite simple – just block after neighborhood block of houses decked out in super fun Christmas lights. (One even had a light-up Squawk in the yard!) Honestly, you can find that in cities around the USA. What made this extra fun, was, well, for starters, at 9:00 at night we could be out strolling the blocks in our t-shirts. That is never possible in the Seattle area in December! More importantly though was all the people! There were hundreds of walkers like us. There were hundreds of very slow drivers. There were groups walking their dogs. There were groups of bikers. There were horse-drawn carriage rides, hay rides and even busses. And vendors! There were churro stands, cocoa stands, even a place for a burger or hotdog. Right in the neighborhood.

I loved it. It seemed like a whole bunch of people generously pulling together to offer a Christmas gift to their city.

Way to go Fresno!

Thanks again for the invite T & C!

Oh Oh Oh! – jingle

Oh and one last request today. If, by chance, you have been your usual spectacular selves, and read any of the South Pole Santa books and liked them, I could use a little bit of your help. It would be wonderful to get a boost of ratings on Goodreads if you’re a member there or reviews on Amazon if that is your preferred site. No worries, of course, if its not your thing, but if it is, and you feel like throwing a random act of kindness my way I’d be hugely grateful. Thanks so much!

Holiday Happenings!


So many good things happened this year on December 6:

  • It was my nephew Tyler’s (aka Tack) birthday — Happy Birthday to one of my treasured ones!
  • It was the day before my tiny nephew Desmond turned two – Happy Happy birthday to an adorable guy!
  • It was our first ever Release Your Inner Elf Day full of madcap fun!
  • It was my first ever book signing gig! Thanks so much again to the wonderful Sweet Indulgence Shop and Jennifer Poole for having me in.

Woo-Hoooo! It was a day packed full of good things! And a shout out to the lovely Gillian, the winner of the  gift basket giveaway at the drawing. 



Thanks so so much to all of you kind friends and readers from around the Seattle area who came out and supported me. Thanks to all of you, I didn’t just sit there! I stayed busy signing almost the entire three hours which was so much fun. I want to do it again! 

What fun things happened on December 6 for you?

Oh Oh Oh! – jingle


Dec 6th declared Release Your Inner Elf Day!


Time to have some fun! Sandra Claus… has officially established her first occasion and, not surprisingly, its in honor of those hard-working elves we all love! Today, December 6 is declared “Release Your Inner Elf Day!” The occasion is celebrated by wearing silly hats, telling jokes – funny or not actually — wearing crazy clothes and, my favorite, practicing random acts of secret kindness. Go wild! Have fun! Release your inner elf!

Oh Oh Oh! jingle


Get your jingle on!

Check out my new favorite mug! Its a wonderful thing to have friends who love you. :)












Oh Oh Oh! – jingle

Letters from Sandra Claus…

6 inch x 6 inch card

6 inch x 6 inch card

Parents! If you have a child hooked on Sandra (to know her is to love her!) and who might like to receive a letter from Sandra this year and break up the routine of a letter to just our good ole guy from the North Pole :), zip me off a message in the “Contact me” tab or through email. Sandra would be happy to write to any child who would like a little Santa pick-me-up. Just let me know their name and age and anything else they would like Sandra to know plus an address (or email) of where to send it. Getting something in the mail is still a bit of magic even in this on-line world of ours.

Also, big congrats to Joy Simmons, our Yesvember Jolly Jingle drawing winner! Are y’all signed up for your monthly issue of the Jolly Jingle? It’s a moment of happy, happy, joy, joy each month and you get a chance to win something fun! Kindness and fun, and even a tiny bit of Christmas, are great year round topics! Put your email in the box above and join in the good times!

A Week From Today!



In one short week, I have my first book signing at the wonderfully fun sweets shop in Monroe, Washington, USA called Sweet Indulgence! It is sure to be a fun occasion and look closely at the picture here. Jennifer Poole, the very kind store owner, had my name painted on the shop window! Woo-Hoo! My moment of “mini fame!” :)


Come one, come all! Bring your books along or I will have some there for sale as well. Or just come because you love sweets and stock up! There are so many good reasons to come on out and we’d love to see you there.

Oh Oh Oh! – jingle

Holiday Launcher! :)

Sharing a little smile maker for this day after turkey day! Hope you’re doing a happy dance today. It’s officially the holiday season!

And I’m adding this one in too just as a reminder that it is still FREE to download Sandra Claus… today! (Just pop over to Amazon.) More reasons for a happy dance! 

Oh Oh Oh! – jingle