You’re Zinga!


You take great pride in being organized! Your files are straight, your drawers are labeled, your bank account is balanced. Sure there is fun to be had but life is more fun when the work is done, everything is tidy, and you know what is happening next. You make a great team member. Others often turn to you for assistance and counsel.

Challenges: You can choose discipline over being impulsive at times and just going for some impromptu fun. Sometimes you feel unappreciated for the work you do.

Color: Shades of greens

Favorite treat: Cinnamon Rolls

Other organized elf types: Zinga, Tug, Perriwinkle, Beatrice Carol

Typical elf jobs: Managing the good and bad list, taking inventory, organizing households, keeping Santa organized, detectives, librarian


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Wishing you love and joy all year long. Be you!