You’re Tack!


You are a natural leader and whatever is happening – job or personal life – you are likely to be selected as the lead. You wouldn’t have it any other way. You love to take responsibility. For you, making decisions comes easy and getting the chance to lead a team and help the people around you achieve their dreams is making your own dream come true.

Challenges: Not everything needs a boss! (Your spouse or partner for instance likely feels that way!) Sometimes too, you need to step back and just be part of the group and let others try their hand at getting to lead.

Color: Bold reds!

Favorite treat: Hot Cocoa!

Other leader elf types: Tack, Dervish, Santa, Christina Annalise

Typical elf jobs: managing the toy factory, being a principal/headmistress, managing the South Pole, being in charge of Christmas distribution


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Wishing you love and joy all year long. Be you!