You’re Sporty!


Drop and give me 20 and then let’s stretch those legs for a three mile run! Those are words that likely make many groan but not you! You’re ambitious, competitive, goal-focused and happiest in motion. Even when you’re not moving, there’s a good chance your mind is thinking about your next personal challenge. Life is out there and ready to be discovered! Time to get moving!

Challenges: You can have a tendency to make everything a “competition” and may find yourself “competing” with others in your life even over mundane things like who walks fastest to the mailbox or who can fold the laundry the neatest. Just let that go some times and let them “win.”

Color: Bright shades of yellow

Favorite treat: Fudge

Other athletic elf types: Sporty, Barney, Jason, Ghost

Elf type jobs: Sports director, playing on the Pole Pong teams, rancher


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Wishing you love and joy all year long. Be you!