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SPScover1The Search for South Pole Santa Reviews


A Wonderfully Creative and Fun Christmas Story

"Leaves you wanting more! Plenty of intrigue to wish that you could move on to book number two right away. Super family book for Christmas with a great message of kindness! Wish more books would leave me with a smile like this book did!"-- Lisa H

5.0 out of 5 starsGiddyup!!!!!!!! This Book Is A Good One

"This book is an enjoyable Christmas journey that quite honestly is fun! The story is new and refreshing from all other Christmas stories. The characters come alive and as you read, you can vividly see a motion picture reeling through your thoughts. Take the plunge and see why we all need a bit more Christmas imagination and kindness in our lives. Search for yourself and find the South Pole Santa."-- Toby R

Wonderful Story To Get You Into the Spirit of the Holidays

"Well written and very fun! An easy and relaxing read!" -- Mark W

Beautiful Christmas Children's Adventure

"This never-been-told Christmas adventure sails a young girl across the water looking for answers while following her heart. This beautiful story told by a beautiful person shows us that you can do anything as long as you believe in yourself and do what makes you happy. It's not like any other Christmas story you've ever read, there's bright elves with bubbly personalities, a girl with sparkly red hair who can talk to animals, one minute you'll be getting your tan on in the tropics and the next you'll be sipping on some hot cocoa at the North Pole as the search for South Pole Santa continues. It's a perfect read for not only kids but anyone who loves fanciful merriment! I love it with all my heart and cannot wait to pass it along to my children." -- CalicoTales

Heart-warming Holiday Adventure

"A BIG huge giant congratulations on such an amazing accomplishment! It's an awesome book!" -- Jennifer M

Must-Have Addition to Your Christmas Collection!

"Jinglebelle Jackson’s breakout debut novel, "The Search for South Pole Santa: A Christmas Adventure", is a whimsical journey into the world of the spitfire Sandra Clause¦ and a race to preserve the very heart of Christmas magic. The population alarm has sounded at the North Pole and Santa Claus calls an unprecedented news conference in which he addresses the world and the immediate need to find an additional Santa Claus or the world’s children will wake on Christmas morning to empty stockings and broken hearts! A fast paced and delightfully spirited competition ensues where six competitors (not all of them human!) are pitted against each other to prove who will prevail and win the role of South Pole Santa. Meanwhile, while the contestants are busy competing in reindeer flying and toy production, something ominous seems to be lurking in the background, threatening not only to upset the competition, but to silence Sandra once and for all.”— Brie B

Love This Christmas Adventure!

"This book was a wonderful, zany off-the-wall Christmas book...and I loved it! The twists and turns it take you on, and the intrigue that it has, leaves you wanting the second book already! Can't wait to see what is in store for the South Pole Santa!" -- Joan B

Adventure and Intrigue in Every Page

"Colorful, full of Christmas spirit, IMAGINATIVE, adventure-laden, and contains valuable nuggets of wisdom and love." -- Mitzi B

Very Fun Read

"Created the magical world of Christmas with real life characters, magic and mystery. Can't wait to read the follow up."--Valerie F

Great Read!! The Search is Over For a Fun Christmas Read

"If you take bits of "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory," "Harry Potter" and add a story about becoming the next Santa (or in this case an additional Santa), you would have this book.

Sandra and some other people who are from various parts of the world are selected to participate in some challenges to become the "South Pole Santa" because the world's population has become too much for Santa to handle by himself. The candidates come from all walks of life and backgrounds and each seem to have their own special powers.

I won't go into any more detail for fear of giving away key parts of the story, but I really did enjoy this book and have the sequel ready to start reading as soon as I finish this review."--Sarah W

Entertaining and a New Christmas Perspective

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a nice quick read, and quite entertaining. Would recommend for a young person to read as well.”—Vicki J

Very Enjoyable Read

"This is my first book to review, even though I've read 100 kids books. This one was really worthy of a comment.
I was looking for a meaningful Christmas bedtime book to read to my kids 2 and 4. Although I knew it would be too advanced for my 2 year old, I figured I'd try it with the 4 year old in mind. Although still a bit advanced with the multiple characters, premise changes, and a few of the themes, he still seemed to enjoy it. For me it was a most enjoyable book. Normally, it was an easy read, kept my attention and was a unique theme. It is a very cute, suspense with mystery and intrigue mixed in. Of course now I have to go read the second book to see how it ends."--Lauren

Fun Holiday Read

"Fun easy reading holiday tale. Recommend for good light holiday reading. Cute story line that keeps one's interest. Download this one."--KGMOM

A Light-hearted Twist On Christmas

"A light-hearted twist on Christmas....a quick read for a little holiday cheer. I would recommend it for anyone who needs a break from the hustle & bustle of the holidays."--Amy U


“This was an interesting take on what may happen one day. A book I'll be sharing with my children for the season. Happy, inventive, and with a few surprises along the way.”—Jan S.

Great Story

“Loved this book. Can't wait for the sequel because I know there is going to be one! You will enjoy this good read!”—Nisey

Ho Ho Ho

“This is a great book and I think everyone should read this book. The story is unpredictable. I just loved it.
 Merry Christmas!”—Connor

Thoroughly Enjoyable Holiday Fun

“Great quick read for the holidays. Can't wait to start the second book. Gets you into that holiday feeling.....Great to share with family too.”—Mommodunk

Cute Read

“Yes, it's juvenile fiction. But it's nice to read some fiction that doesn't have bad language and blood smeared all over the place.”—RH

Great Read

“Great read for preteens and teens but make sure you have both books so you complete the whole story line!”—Terrie

The Search for South Pole Santa: A Christmas... by Jingle Belle Jackson

“This was an excellent story. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants an excellent read. I look forward to reading more of this author's work.”—Nan



Sandra Clause Reviews

Loved It

“CAN'T WAIT FOR THE 3rd book! Very Cute story! JingleBelle is such a good author! Her name says it all!”—Lorie D.

Great Read For Young & Young At Heart

“Great story about getting help for Santa. The world 's population is growing to large for Santa to do in one night. So they get a South Pole Santa.”—Madeleine P

Fun Read

“Waiting for the next one!”—Patti L.

Great Holiday Book for Pre-Teens

“While my daughter was sick over the holidays, we passed many hours reading this entertaining book. She enjoyed visualizing each of the scenes and we are hoping that a movie can be made about this series.”—Doctah

Sandra Claus... A South Pole Adventure

“I love, love, love this book. When I ordered this book I read that it is for children of all ages. It is definitely that. It's a fun read for an adult. On the other hand a preschooler would love having this book read to him. I highly recommend this book for your inner child as well as all the children in your home.”—Debra M.

Oh Oh Oh

“After reading The Search for South Pole Santa, I could hardly wait for book two to arrive. Sandra Claus is the second installment of the adventure of Sandra becoming the second Santa. In this book Sandra has to balance her life at the North Pole and keep true to all her friends back home. Sandra quickly learns that becoming the South Pole Santa is not a simple task! There's so much involved like finding a mode of transportation, drawing up blueprints of South Pole Headquarters and all along the way finding more clues to who she really is from her parents that have been missing for many years. Strange and unexpected things happen as well as magical mysteries that has Sandra wondering about what's going to happen next. You get to meet lots of new characters and see some new relationships form and fear for others.
JingleBelle Jackson is a whimsical writer who creates a world that has you flipping pages, counting down the days for Christmas and wishing you had a Mexican Hot Chocolate warming your belly. She's on her way to becoming the next JK Rowling! All ages will enjoy book one and book two of The South Pole Santa Adventure.”—Anita S.

A Must For the Holiday Season

“Loved it!! I have a great imagination and it really put it to work on visualizing everything they did to the South Pole!! The story is great for anyone! A great buy for the paperback and now you can also get the kindle version with it for free! What a bargain and just in time for Christmas! OH!OH!OH!”—Joan B.