Book 1

The Search for South Pole Santa

The population alarm has gone off at the North Pole, alerting the world that there will soon be TOO MANY children for Santa to serve!

South Pole Santa

There's a search on for a second Santa...

South Pole Santa. Thousands apply, but only six are selected to compete, including a teenage girl attending school far away on a remote tropical island. Cassandra (Sandra) Penelope Clausmonetsiamlydelaterra...She wants the job, despite the odds against her and everything that goes wrong!

Can Sandra's dream come true? Can she become South Pole Santa - the polar opposite of Santa? And who...or trying so hard to keep her from it?


The Search for South Pole Santa is a Christmas adventure full of mayhem, magic, mystery, bad guys, dark caves, and a good dose of elves. Not just for the Christmas lovers amongst us -- anyone who enjoys a fun adventure where kindness reigns in the end will enjoy this timely new holiday choice.

Get a sneak peek of Chapter 1 from the book here.

In the words of Cassandra, "Oh Oh Oh!"



Book 2

Sandra Claus

Sandra Claus is coming to town! After 17-year-old Cassandra Penelope Clausmonetsiamlydelaterra pulled off the win of the century by landing the new position of South Pole Santa, she thought her life would launch into constant good times.  After all, being Santa Claus is just about the best job ever.


Sandra doesn’t get much time to celebrate...

...before people everywhere – adults and children — start objecting to her selection. The Protest has been launched across the globe and if she can’t change their minds – and fast – her new position may be gone as quickly as it came! Not-to-mention, she has to learn all there is to know about being Santa, get the new village underway at the South Pole, decide on her transportation, help Santa prepare for Christmas, tour the world, organize elves – her to-do list is longer than her last name! On top of everything else, there’s dark magic lurking about just waiting for her to turn eighteen, worrying everyone who loves her.

Like The Search for South Pole Santa, this is a book full of magic and mayhem.  You’ll find old and new friends, surprises, romance, small and large adventures and one really big dragon. Christmas lovers of all ages will enjoy this fun-filled romp that travels from pole-to-pole and all around the world. It’s a tale filled with twists and turns that capture our traditional Christmas stories and gives them a new sense of wonder.

Get a sneak peek of  Chapter 3 from the book here.



Book 3

The Santanapping!


When Sandra Claus is Santanapped...

by people she thought were her friends, she believes there is no way possible she could feel more anger or despair. But when she finds out she wasn’t the only one taken, those feelings accelerate and kick her into action. Now it’s up to her to help Santa, help the elves and help the children of the world have a Christmas! It’s time for Sandra to fully embrace being South Pole Santa. Hang on to your Santa hat for another fun-filled, magic-filled romp with Sandra and her friends. Fans of JingleBelle Jackson’s first two books will find all their favorite characters and new friends to fall in love with too. No matter your age, if you love kindness and Christmas, you’re sure to enjoy this family adventure!



Book 4


In this fourth book of the South Pole Santa series, something no one ever imagined could be possible is happening around the world...


Children are turning away from Santa Claus

Instead, they prefer Sandra Claus…making the whole situation for the two Santas, well, awkward.

There’s no time for Sandra to worry on that problem, however, when so many other things in her life are coming unwrapped. Her friends are missing, the barge building is behind schedule, she’s got to fit in some world touring - with the elves along - and she has a really important event to help pull together.

It’s all part of the adventure in this latest page-turner by JingleBelle Jackson. Like her previous books, Unwrapped is full of unexpected surprises that fun-loving families who delight in kindness, laughing and elves are sure to enjoy year-round!



Book 5


Fans of Sandra and her friends are sure to be spellbound with this fifth book in the South Pole Santa series.

Enchantments by JingleBelle Jackson

The news Sandra has longed to hear has at last come true: her parents are alive!

They’re being kept away, under guard, but there's a way Sandra can rescue them. She needs help to make it happen and she turns to a dangerous source who takes things from people she cares about. Now she has more problems than just her parents missing!

Sandra's going to need courage and commitment to break through the enchantments being cast all around.

Even though bad fairies and bad intentions are mixed in, Enchantments is full of all the fun characters that fans of South Pole Santa have come to love plus the usual merriment, magic, romance and adventure that is part of this smile-making series.