You’re Emaralda!


You delight in being different than the rest! You like pushing the limits and flying in the face of what others might expect from you. If people tell you no that becomes your chosen path. You like to defy the rules and ignore the norms and nothing is more fun than occasional bursts of releasing your bad ole self!

Challenges: You can feel stifled and defiant doing anything routine or expected and yet sometimes life is handled better when you choose to go along and support it. Look for ways to interject your unique point of view in the everyday in ways that can help lift it up.

Color: Deep deep purple that almost looks black

Favorite treat: Red Hots

Other rebel elf types: Emaralda, Hot Shot, Wistle, Ghost

Typical rebel jobs: Jobs that allow for personal sacrifice, entrepreneur, hero roles


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Wishing you love and joy all year long. Be you!