You’re Ellen!


You live for fun! You love a parade, never turn down a party and are always first to plan a party. You live for a good story and enjoy nothing more than making people smile. Sometimes you can be misunderstood because others think you are not serious enough. Little do they know that you are very serious about bringing your best to everything you take on – you just choose to do it smiling and bringing joy to the world.

Challenges: Fun is fabulous but some things call for serious and you can have a tendency to avoid the hard conversations, the serious topics, the boring routines and the dentist. :)

Color: Nice bright orange

Favorite treat: Cotton Candy

Other playful elf types: Ellen, Jester, Gunny, Rio

Typical elf jobs: Entertaining others, making children smile, telling stories, testing new toys


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Wishing you love and joy all year long. Be you!