Children's Christmas Activities

Kids of all ages, here are some fun activities you might enjoy:

Draw A Talleho

St. Annalise Academy welcomes humans, elfs, elvins, leprechauns, gnomes, moonrakers, tallehos, wizards and fairies. (Plus some brownies and gnomes.)  What do you think a talleho or a moonraker looks like?

>> Download the Draw A Talleho Worksheet 


What's Your Elf Age?

Do you want to know one of Santa's best secrets for how he stays young and lives so long? He only ages using elf years! North Pole elves almost never truly grow old. They count their age different than we do. But we can count our ages in elf years too -- it's easy! Here's how:

>> Download the Determine Your Elf Age Worksheet


Color an Elf... or Three!

Grab your colored pencils, crayons and pens! We've got some elves that need your help to get some color in their lives. Don't be afraid to be daring... what would you wear if you were an elf? Make it happen!

>> Download the Elf Coloring Sheet