You’re Diva!


You love a little glitz and glamour in your life. What’s wrong with going first class, wearing designer clothes, staying up on the latest trends? Not a thing actually! The whole world is your stage and you don’t mind taking the center spot. Whether it’s being known for what you do, what you know, or how you look you don’t really care as long as you are getting some attention and getting to enjoy the fine side of life.

Challenges: There are lots of roles we are all called to play in the course of our lives. Being center stage is fun but playing all the roles – including support roles for others – can also be very rewarding. Explore all the roles you are called for and look for simple joys so that all around you too can get their moments to shine.

Color: Glitter/Sparkle

Favorite treat: Candy Canes

Other Spotlight elf types: Diva, The Northern Light elfs, Squawk

Elf jobs: Fashion show producer, actors, comedians, guest speaker


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Wishing you love and joy all year long. Be you!