You’re Cassieopola!


People are magnetically drawn to you! You’re the friend that adds a little needed mystery to life. People who meet you are left feeling better and wondering what it is about you that added to the time together. Little do they know you were adding your magic of observation, reflection, meditation, mindfulness and spiritual connection to all that you do. It comes together to envelope each person you meet with love. Some may think you’re “spacey” but you know you’re just tapped in to your full potential and concentrating on making life better.

Challenges: Sometimes it is good just to be fully in the world we are in and enjoy the practical joys of living in a physical world. You can also seem aloof to others so be sure to work to make real connections.

Color: Deep midnight blues

Favorite treat: Sno-Cones

Other magical elf types: Cassieopola, the Lady of the Lake, Grander.

Other elf type jobs: Adding in wonder, performing magic, protecting others, leading a yoga class


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Wishing you love and joy all year long. Be you!