You’re Breezy!


You are one of the wonderful souls who adds to our world through your selfless service to others. You love being with others and adding joy to the world through both large and simple actions. People are naturally drawn to your calm and peaceful ways and the smile you almost always wear. You are often the one who volunteers to head up a fundraiser, start a kickstarter or spend Saturdays at a food bank. No one gives better hugs!

Challenges: Don’t forget about you! Sometimes in your service to others you put yourself last or forget to check in and see what you want. You matter too and will add your best to life by loving yourself too.

Color: Light blues

Favorite treat: Christmas Cookies

Other helpful elf types: Breezy, Dear Lovey, Noelly, Quisp

Elf type jobs: Volunteering, recruiting volunteers, fundraising, being a camp counselor


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Wishing you love and joy all year long. Be you!