Character Names

You probably won't be surprised to hear that I had fun naming the elves in The Search for South Pole Santa and Sandra Claus... . But, as strange as this sounds, many of them named themselves. I would plan to add in an elf for an important role, and without even thinking on a specific name, simply find myself typing in what they preferred to be called. This particularly happened with Toasty, Zoomer, Alexander and Barney.

Other characters though were deliberately named as a little "tribute" to some of my family and friends. Here's my names for who you can watch for in both books (and in future books) that you'll know are related to me:

Buddy -- is named for my husband Glen who plays guitar and calls everybody Buddy Noelly -- my mom who already has a pretty Christmas name Sporty -- my dad who has always loved sports and been really good at them Dervish -- my brother-in-law Darryl who always gets so many things done and makes so much happen I call him a "whirling dervish" Perriwinkle -- my sister Lora who loves diving and if she were a color would be a peaceful blue Violet -- my sister Jen who I call Violet for the spirit it represents and its association with being a creative color Brainy -- every elf story, and every family, needs a super smart character and in our life and in our family that's my brother-in-law Rod Tack -- my first born nephew Tyler who when he was little, scared us all when he swallowed a tack -- and gained a nickname Zynga -- is named for my niece -- Tyler's wife -- Kinga who is organized, kind and competent Network Naters -- is my middle nephew Nathan, who when he was little we fondly called Nater Potater or "Potato Man." He's glad those days are over. :) He'll be the elf over technolgy. Ambyrdena "Birdie" -- is one of Sandra's best friends rather than an elf. She is named as a nod to my niece Ambyr -- Nathan's wife -- who is disciplined, kind, and loyal Spencer -- is  Sandra's other best friend and is named for my youngest nephew Spencer who has been smart from day one Whirly (or Fireball!) -- is likely to be the name of an elf named for my youngest niece Savanna who like her grandpa is always a "whirl" of activity! Cappie or Captain Margaret Richmond -- Cappie's guardian was named with my own gram in mind who we called "Crackers." She was always proud of her granddaughters and I know would have loved the books, no matter what. Breezy -- is named for my good friend and editor, Brie, who helped make the book possible. Queenee -- one of my best friends forever, Tina, that is the cover artist. Queenee will be an elf with an English accent. She is also represented in Christina the headmistress of St. Annalise Academy. DiDi -- one of my other best friends, Diana, that is a genius when it comes to comma's. Thank goodness. Tea and Sugar -- my special girls, Tanya and Anita, who go together like tea and sugar. Ellen -- I named Ellen the happy little elf who loves to dance and hangs out a lot with Dandy, for Ellen DeGeneres. The South Pole Santa Series are books about kindness ultimately and Ellen is the top champion for encouraging people to always "be kind to each other." So rockin' cool!

That's my current name list. What would your name be if you were an elf?