Kindness matters . . .

Don’t look now but its already closing in on Feb 12th which is not just the week of love and Valentines Day but the national week of Random Acts of Kindness! My favorite!

It is so easy to join this seven-day celebration – and so needed in this time of U.S. and world tumult. All we have to do is . . . be kind! Well, okay, ideally, we are thinking out ahead and starting right now to plan on all the ways we can bring our own special kindness to the world that whole week – and every other week too! If you have a twitter account, follow along and report your own kind acts at #rakweek2017. Choosing kindness can change the world. At the very least, it will change your own. Sooooo cooooool!

Okay, in other news I have still be reading reading reading. I have to get off this kick but in my defense, my guy has been laid up with a new knee and I’ve been his caregiver while he works his way through surgery recovery. Which has meant time to read but not much time for anything else since that whole care giving gig takes WAY more time and effort than I ever ever EVER would have guessed. (I have so much admiration for care givers, nurses, parents – everyone taking care of someone else. Thank you!) Still, its all working and coming along and he is improving every day. Which probably means I’m going to have to get back to chores and writing and working and well, all the other parts of life that I’ve set aside for the great treat of reading!

My most recent obsession is a seven book series called Sovereign of the Seven Isles by David A Wells. They’re not perfectly written books – they get a little long on the detail on occasion, spend some time telling instead of showing, can be repetitive (all things I’ve done myself!) but what Wells has in spades is a great adventure full of twists, turns and complete surprises! I’d be really pleased with myself if I had written these books. If you are a fan of fantasy along the lines of Lord of the Rings this is a series for you. Very generously, he offers the first two books free in the ebook format! Enjoy!