What not to miss in the month of August

Every month brings its own special delights. For me, August has been a month with mixed reviews over the years. The best way I can describe my feelings is to compare the month to Sunday nights. Growing up, Sunday nights meant early in to get ready for school the next day. I actually loved school – I just hated (still do!) going to bed early!

August is like that for me. I loved looking forward to back-to-school, but at the same time didn’t want summer to end, so the month got all mushed into mixed feelings – endings and beginnings.

Now I do better at not spending my life just looking ahead and instead spending it in the here and now enjoying each day. So, August is here! September is still off in the future and it needs to wait its turn while we enjoy all the best stuff this solidly summer month has to offer. :)

One really great thing about August these days is that it starts off with celebrating one of my favorite little girls on the planet! That is my wonderful niece Savanna above who just turned seven. She and her brother and cousins are some of the key reasons I'm inspired to write books promoting the power of kindness and I love to share pics and stories about them all. Happy Birthday Savi!

By now, regular readers surely know I’m a planner. Few things are more satisfying than crossing things off a to do list. :) I do best when I have some goals and a checklist to work from so I get things covered and don’t miss out on the best stuff in life. Besides celebrating Savanna, here are some of the things on my to-do list for August.

  • Bonfire

  • Swimming

  • Summer hike

  • Corn on the cob

  • Gazing at falling stars

  • Buying new pens and a backpack

  • Apple picking (must be done! Those blueberries and apples in the photo above are off a backyard bush and tree. So many more apples!)

  • Oh and that stickler: Finish book five!!!

Whether you prefer to be spontaneous or, like me, like a list to work from, plan to fill these days of summer with your favorite things.