Top Tips for Girlfriend Trips!


Hello October – the best month of the year! I love everything about this super special month including the weather in our area of the world so far. Spectacular!

Today I bring you some tips around travel – again. I know, I know, maybe I should start a travel blog as often as I talk about it here but it is a big part of who I am and I learn little things from every trip. This time it was a “girlfriends only” trip and it was packed with fun! So much that I think you all need to plan your own! Here’s some tips to get you inspired.

  • Plan way ahead! By planning ahead you get more choices on where you want to go, usually lower prices and the great fun of looking forward to the getaway for weeks – even months.

  • Or don’t plan ahead! Sometimes cashing in on finding yourself with some last minute open time and a great Expedia package deal is all the inspiration you need for calling up your best girlfriends.

  • Pick somewhere fun to go! Forget about a few hours at the mall. We all need that, of course, but a girlfriend weekend is about spending some real time together where you can really really catch up on all the good stuff, the challenges and the dreams. Pick somewhere fun for it. Maybe that’s a lux spa in a nearby resort, a cabin in the woods, a cottage by the bay or – like in my case, a large city with lots and lots to do.

  • Be adventurous! My girlfriends and I met in San Francisco for a fun-filled, two-night stay in the city. None of us had ever stayed at the “boutique” hotel we picked on line – we just decided to trust it was the one after lots of researching on line. That’s also how we found a great tea place, super fun bars and great places to eat! We also, for our first time on our own, “Lyfted” everywhere so we didn’t need a car in the city. All of it went great!

  • Well except for that one time when we’re coming out of the Walt Disney Family Museum in the Presidio area of San Francisco and realized that two of our phones had died and the other one didn’t have the Lyft or Uber app on it. What are you going to do? Well, for starters, laugh! That’s the thing, no trip, no travel – heck not many days ever – fall under the title of “perfection.” You gotta “flow baby flow.” Expect the unexpected and know it will lead to memories and loads of stories later.

  • Take a good book (like The Search for South Pole Santa on your Kindle! :)) Or a pile of magazines. Or your sketch pad – anything that makes you happy for some down time. (Maybe that’s your favorite pillow for a really needed afternoon nap!) Even girlfriend weekends require a little breathing space.  

  • I recommend keeping these kinds of trips short. You can cram an awful lot into two days/two and a half days when you plan ahead. And a lot of talking too. It gives you the added bonus of being able to splurge on a few things too since you aren’t staying very long. Plus, maybe best of all, you won’t get tired of each other and leave already looking forward to the next time!

  • Get going! Don’t just dream on getting away – put those dream into action. The job, the family, the chores will all make it a couple days without you. Go and connect with people who get you and love you.