The Joy of Reading

I’m on a quest this year to catch up on fun, recreational reading so I popped over to the NPR list of what they posted as the best books of 2016 as a place to get started. I tend to love sci fi, dystopian, fantasy and young adult with a bit of “weightier” reading thrown in here and there. (To my credit, lest you think less of me for my choices, my favorite book of all times is the wonderful classic, Jane Eyre.)

After perusing books from a number of NPR’s assorted genre’s I landed on ordering Dark Matter as my starting place. It was highly rated by reviewers and readers on Amazon and written by Blake Crouch who also wrote Wayward Pines if any of you are familiar with that book series/TV series.

Well, hmmmmm, would sum up my review! :) The fact he wrote Wayward Pines should have been my first clue to Dark Matters being a different sort of book since Wayward Pines has people crazy about it but I’m kind of “hmmmm” on it as well. Dark Matters turns out to be a time travel book and deals with the premise that every decision any of us make there is a version of you replicated somewhere in time that made a different choice. It started okay, got good and then completely lost me toward the end. But if you are a time travel fan this might be your kind of book – like it was for the NPR reviewers and the hundreds of Amazon readers.

From there, I popped over to my Kindle cue to select one of the hundred books I have downloaded there and landed on Ocean of Storms. Now this book got my interest because it starts out with an emf pulse knocking out all the power on earth and the scientists realizing it came from the moon! Well, well, well, what could that be? Sounded like a good story in the making to me.

And it is. I personally enjoyed it more than Dark Matter but . . .  it too turned out to be a book about time travel of all things and I’m just not that big on that kind of story line. Nonetheless, I would recommend this book if you like sci fi, time travel or adventure. It’s got some of all of those thrown in.

From there I happened on The Descendant by Wanda Harkins that I downloaded free off of BookSends. This book is more fantasy than sci fi and has a big dollop of dystopian bleakness thrown in for good measure. I ended up really enjoying this adventure. Ms. Harkins could benefit from a little more attention to editing (which I have been guilty of too) but her storyline is full of unexpected twists, romance and some downright funny lines. Her heroine is too nice (and I happen to like nice heroines obviously :) ) which makes her a little unbelievable but I decided to forgive that and just go with it. It turned out to actually be a two book series and I ordered The Descendants book two and finished them both off with thumbs up.

It turned out Ms. Harkins had another two-book series called The Dream Walker and since I liked the first I ordered the next two up as well – which turned out to be equally enjoyable. In some ways The Dream Walker books have a similar storyline to The Descendants (clever author!) but this time we were total sci fi, big space adventure and modern day with no time travel or end of the world. This book suffered from a heroine who was too nice as well but again, it only tweaked on you once in a while. All in all, I found myself wishing I’d thought up the storyline and enjoying both series a bunch.

I’m not sure what will be up next. Any of you been reading anything you just can’t put down? Got any suggestions for just can’t put it down adventure that shouldn’t be missed? I mean besides the South Pole Santa series of course. :)