The highs - and lows - of January!


Hello kindness peeps! It’s time for a January update.

Ahhhh January. It’s my nemesis. There’s a reason I made it Slumber Month for the elves in the books – I usually feel like I personally could just sleep through it. The dark and gray wears on me and I tend to cocoon. Lethargy is always around the corner, naps call to me and it is the only month of the year that I ever consistently get eight hours of sleep – and probably could do more. It’s the dark mornings that whisper for me to stay tucked in till dawn breaks and the dark evenings that make me feel like its 9:30 and time to call it a day when the clock reads 5:30. I call the combo the January blues and I’m always working to “beat the blues” this complicated month. I sometimes have to pep talk myself into positive action on things I even like doing normally. And I'm usually just a regular ole happy person! Anyone else have this problem with January?

At the same time, there are certainly gifts in January. Unlike every other month, it really does seem to take its time. It doesn’t fly by as fast for me as the others do. When I allow myself to slow down and flow with it then I get time to do things like reading, cleaning, decluttering and organizing.

So now, we’re a little more than halfway through now and I’m fighting back on the bleak and trying to break out into being more productive – like keeping up with you all here and working on book one revisions.

There are always bright spots, though, in every month and January is no exception. In fact, I’ve had some excellent things happen already:

Check out the fun thank you above. Annie Thordarsen’s class at Kennydale Elementary sent me an envelope full of thank you’s that totally beat the blues for days last week! So. Much. Fun. Talking to students about the books and being a writer is one of my favorite things about being an author.

I also received some really nice comments and reviews this month and a couple more great notes in the mail about the books. Thank you reviewers and note writers! I love you back. :)

This cover on the Parade Magazine this month totally made my day. Kindness featured on the cover of a national magazine!! How stupendous is that! 2017 is totally the year of kindness. Keep that in mind because I’m going to blog more on it soon. It really is too important not to have its own post! :)

I got snowed in on a business trip! I had an overnight trip for work scheduled in Vancouver, WA that happens once a year every January. Honestly, it’s one of those productive meetings that I look forward to because the team is so great and we always get so much done. This year though, three of us got down there the night before (most of the others live in the area) and the meeting got cancelled because of all the snow! Here’s just a shout out to the Heathman Lodge there where we all were staying. They were hospitable and super helpful. It all was fairly magical really. Well, except the perilous drive home but, hey, I obviously made it and have a great story to tell on top of it!

That fabulous, magical, huge full moon that gifted us this month! Wow was that marvelous. It would be setting every morning low on the horizon shining its gorgeous light on the water making getting up so early not such a bad thing after all.

Honestly, this month, like all of the rest, is truly whatever you choose to make it, see it as and label it because all of it really is just a big ole’ illusion. So be gone with your dark side bad ole January! I’m ready to see you in a whole new light!