So Many Favorites!

Some recent favorites to share today!


Lets start right off with my sweet mother! It's Mothers Day weekend here in the US and I've been blessed with a good one who has given me the priceless of gift of unconditional love. Thanks Mom! Love you back! (I got a good dad too!)

I adore the new thankful button on FaceBook! Like it, hate it or anything in between, FB is a powerful social medium and what they add in makes a difference. So, the fact that they have added in a little violet colored flower to indicate being thankful for a post – well, be still my heart! I am sure to be an over user. :) 

This sign! This shop! I'm an ice cream fan but not a particularly big fan. But I am definitely a big fan of clever and nice and this help wanted sign is the best! Hiring for attitude is my secret to being a good manager. Molly Moon Ice Cream in Seattle obviously knows its what matters most too. Very cool! 


I love our country. I’ve been road tripping again, this time with my guy. We volunteered to drive my parent’s new car back from Arizona to Washington – about 24 hours of driving. Have you done a road trip in a while? We were lucky to have a route with nice weather and low volumes of traffic most of the way. What we enjoyed the most was seeing the varied and beautiful country we have the privilege of living in – and being glad I don’t personally live in some of those places! I’m thumbs down on the desert cities of Nevada in my case but thumbs up on the charming Carson City the Capitol of Nevada. (The pic here features beautiful Mount Shasta!)

Miles and time to work on editing the re-issue of book one, The Search for South Pole Santa. I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this! I’ve been working with an editor to make it the very best book I can and fill in some of the details I felt I should have included the first time through – particularly around some of Sandra’s time at St. Annalise for instance. And, 20,000 words later (and the current version is actually only 42,000 words total!) I am, at last, closing in on getting it ready to be reissued. So excited!

Mmmmmmm. This was my treat on the road! Starbucks has this new utterly wicked frappucino flavor, Midnight Moo made up of dark chocolate and mint and, holy miles flying by, I have got to leave them alone!

Our yard right now is showing off and it is a joy to come home to! Loooook how pretty our azaleas are right now!

The Wild Animal Park at Roseburg in Oregon! Oh what fun that little spot off the freeway is! It’s a drive-thru park where you get to see animals ranging from birds to giraffes to lions and tigers and bears. Oh my! The ostriches and the wild turkeys actually were my favorites but every animal was out the day we went through and were all so spectacular. Go!

Learning, growing, stretching my thoughts, understanding and knowledge. I love to learn and I love new ideas and I love my sister. So I grabbed her and she and we headed to Phoenix to the International Women’s Summit this past week that was so, so, so good with outstanding women speakers like Lisa Ling, Zainab Salib (founder of Women for Women International), Erin Brokovich, Elizabeth Gilbert, Marianne Williamson and Sheri Salata (Executive Producer of the Oprah show.) Incredible women with so much to say and offer. Good for the soul!

All right, that is the list – for now! Well, and all of you of course as well. You guys always make my favorites list. Thank you for your love and readership.