Plan now to #getyoursummeron!

Some of you may remember that I declared last summer #thebestsummerever – and, honestly, it was one of the best! Thanks to planning, combined with positive vibes and expectations, it turned out to be great fun and I’m going for more this year!

I get greedy. Last summer was so much fun it has to be done again. So this summer I’m going with #supersummer (with inspiration from the great super hero Wonder Woman who inspired me in her movie!) and I’m going for it again. (And so is Lovey - getting right into being comfortable on the Super Loved pillow. :) )

You know from my last post that I kicked it off with a great summer trip (we did Washington DC and Gettysburg) but the fun didn’t stop when we rolled back into town. Oh no. In fact it got even better with the addition in the family of this little cutie:

The whole world, Junior. Junior, the whole world.

Seriously you all, isn’t he a cute one? It’s a long-story how we ended up with this unexpected new family member but suffice it to say, he was meant to be ours.

He’s a seven pound, courageous chi-weenie (half Chihuahua, half dachshund) who is nine-years-old and nothing but sweet.

Besides this little guy though, I have lots on my summer list.

  • Writing, writing and more writing. I am just, at last!, finishing up the final final touches on the updated Search for South Pole Santa and very excited about getting it reissued. It should be out in July. But then, I’ll be plunging right into an update on book two, Sandra Claus…, as well.

  • Getting outside. Oh my gosh, our sunshine days here in the Pacific Northwest are not to be taken for granted and well, frankly, I could use more exercise. It has to be happen and this is the season for it. Besides, I have an itty bitty dog to walk. Woof!

  • Exploring. I love going on local Saturday adventures and I’ve got a long list that I haven’t shown my guy yet. (A surprise is good for anyone and hey, those chores will still be there for us. Sadly. :) )

  • Summer time reading. Wow do I ever have a pile of fabulous reads staring at me. I can’t wait to get lost in them!

  • Decluttering. I’ve been working on this one but the truth is, we still have too much stuff. So I’m taking another run at the house from top to bottom and being ruthless on what stays and what goes.  

Besides those focus areas, we have friends from Texas coming up, an Escape Room adventure with our band friends planned (have you done one yet? I’ll bring you all the details! If we get out of course. :) ) and outdoor music concerts to pursue –one of our favorite activities!  Naturally there is that pesky thing called work to fit in and the equally pesky item called chores but they will just have to stand back for the fun!

So, now, how about you? What’s on your #supersummer list? Plan now and expect the best one yet!