Oh the simple joys

Is it the sunshine coming through the window that has made me feel mellow and happy and grateful or maybe this movie I’m watching (The Last Word with Shirley MacLaine – sounded like one a writer should watch but its tugging at my heart strings. ‘Take risks. Fall on your face. Fail spectacularly.” – Shirley MacLaine)

Maybe it’s the three-day weekend ahead. Anyone who follows me at all knows how much I love those!

Maybe it’s that my guys gone for a few days and though I need time of my own at times, I miss him when he’s gone.

Maybe it’s this ridiculously tall stack of books I have all set for summer reading. Like I will get to even half of those! But I love that if time allows, they are ready for me to get lost in and learn.

Maybe it’s my kids being cute. I just have the four-legged kind but they are so cute just being just who they are.

Maybe it’s because there are fun things ahead this summer – a tea party soon, a trip to Washington DC, time planned on Orcas Island – just for starters.

Maybe it’s the new “rose gold” stripes in my hair (the “it” color this year for décor, fashion and make-up!) that came out looking decidedly more pink than the metallic tone I had anticipated. Oh well, it just happens I am a fan of the color pink. ;)

Maybe it’s time so well spent recently with family and friends. Soul satisfying.

Maybe even its completing the update of book one which took so much longer than I anticipated but is so much better than it was.

Maybe it’s the beauty of looking out at our yard this time of year so pretty with blooming azaleas and rhodies.

It is a wonderful thing living a life full of simple joys. What are some of yours?