Hello Glorious Fall!


Happy September! What a summer it has been! I am happy to report that, for me, it was indeed the #bestsummerever. And now I am totally ready to move into the #bestautumnever. Are you with me?

I admit to being a little bit stunned that it is September. It feels like someone stole August! Maybe though it wasn't someone specifically but rather something. And that something is called "Enchantments." 

The push on the book has been intense the last few weeks but today, at 86086 words - the biggest yet - I sent the manuscript off to my copy editor! WoooooooHooooo! Seriously, there was some loud celebrating and happy dancing that just happened with that one push of a button. 

There's plenty of next steps still to go - a cover to come, a recipe in development, a final edit, a final read-thru and then sending it all off to Amazon but this step is a good sign that book five in the South Pole Santa series will be out for the holiday season. That makes me feel so happy.

And the book makes me happy too. It's different again. Different than I planned even but different in some good ways I'm thinking. Breeze, my book coach, the only other person who has read it so far, pronounced it "your best book so far" - and then gave me a pile of edits! But the feedback was welcome and I'm excited to share it with you all. I have things I want to talk about and can't spoil the surprises so once its out, hurry up and read it so we can talk! :)

Meanwhile, I'm pushing forward on some significant editing to book one, The Search for South Pole Santa. To date, I've gone through about half of it and added three chapters! Be assured that I'm not changing anything at all in the basic plot but giving the story a little more nuance, a little more unfolding and trying to build in a little more about life on St. Annalise before Sandra took the chance to become South Pole Santa. My dream is to have it reissued this holiday season as well but it's definitely a "stretch" goal.

Part of that is because there are so many things lined up already in my #bestautumnever plans! I leave for Montana this week, then head to Chicago for a few days, get to be home for a couple weeks and then get completely spoiled with a cruise down the Danube River with some of my family! 

I tell you, I lead a good life! We have ahead a month full of nothing but opportunity. Grab on to your share and make it your own! Thanks for all the love!


P.S. One more quick note! Book five won't be the end! My intent was to get the series wrapped up in five books but Sandra and the gang had other plans.