New Old Book!


Hello my reading friends! I have news!

My new, old book is here! Yes, at last, I have completed the updates on book one and it is ready and available on Amazon. Hooray!


The changes are extensive really. Almost 20,000 new words, 80 new pages, a new prologue, a lot more background story and depth to scenes, even a couple of new chapters.

And the changes aren’t extensive at all. No new characters, no new story line, no new aha’s, not a different cover (except a different description on the back.)

“So why do it?” a good friend asked the other day. After all, it took a lot longer than I planned on and, frankly, more money than I had hoped to spend to republish and reprint (there are so many changes, Amazon counts it as a whole new book) let alone the dollars invested with my editor.

The answer is simple though:

Because I want to bring you my best.

That is really it in a nutshell. I’ve been lucky to have amazing readers who have loved book one and been kind enough to leave comments and reviews. Thank you Thank you Thank you! I have loved it too. It holds a special place in my heart for a lot of reasons including it was my first book ever.

And that was part of why I revisited it. It’s my first book and I’ve learned to be a better writer as I’ve gone along. I’ve learned what I didn’t know and, well, I just wanted to be sure it was the best book I could offer.

I’m excited about it all over again! For those of you who maybe haven’t read it yet, now is the time! It’s fun! It is sure to make you smile and catch you up in some of its own kind of magic. I believe it is worth your time. We need things that bring joy in our life to counter all tough and bleak news we face too often.

For those of you who have read it, I invite you to read it again. My hope is that I have weaved the updates in so well, you’ll find yourself going, “I’m not sure what part is new and what part isn’t.” Perfect! Then I did my update well!

I feel so strongly about the smiles the book holds, and I want to be sure it gets out to people everywhere, so I’ll be getting a free special put together soon (Christmas joy is fun year-round :) ) for the ebook and giving a chance to win an autographed copy as well for those of you who still prefer the joy of reading a traditional formatted book so watch this space and/or follow me on Facebook and Twitter to get in on the fun. 

I welcome your comments, questions, and thoughts as well as your reviews online and your recommendations of the South Pole Santa series to your friends and family. Everyone loves joy and fun! :)  Thanks for being special.