Let's be generous


Hello caring and kind wonders everywhere! And a most special hello to all of you affected recently by the devastating hurricanes and natural disasters. Like everyone, I’ve personally been moved by all of it and, for me, most especially to the plight of the small islands in the Caribbean.

Since so much of the story in the South Pole Santa series takes place not at the North or the South Poles but instead on a very small remote island in the Caribbean – not unlike the island Richard Branson lives on that was just pretty much destroyed by Irma – I tend to be tuned in when hurricane season comes around. And, in fact, a good friends daughter had just started school on St. Martin before it was devastated by the power of Irma so these storms have become personal.

But really, as a human being on the planet, living far away from the peril of these current disasters, even if I know no one, this is still a personal situation. We’re all human! Making our way on this one small planet. It could be about any of us as easy as it is about them right now.

And kindness is my gig – its our gig. So, let’s all give generously to aid those most in need right now. Give through any cause you like but please, take the time to give. My personal favorite is Mercy Corp because they are full of brave souls who are always amongst the first in to some of the worst areas and they keep their overhead low. But I also believe in the American Red Cross and my sister’s favorite cause is World Vision dedicated to getting fresh water to every person on the planet. Praise be for all of these! And I saw today that our living past Presidents have joined together to form a new cause as well to get funds to the needy recovering from Harvey and Irma.





This is how we make a difference. These are the ways we say to the world, despite the headlines that too often appear, we are one country, indivisible. We stand united. We stand for each other. We make it personal. We give.

Thank you for being wonderful to me and so many others. You make a difference.