Latest Favorites

Oh my dear readers, I have had those bad ole winter time blues and inspiration has been elusive with not a single thing in my mind to come here and talk to you all about. But spring is on the horizon, occasional moments of sunshine have been finding their way thru the clouds and rain of Washington state weather, I got some time in sunny San Diego (that's wonderful Catalina Island through the clouds above) and I'm starting ever so slowly to feel creative and optimistic. I’m starting to feel like myself again and it’s a really good feeling.

So, in honor of things picking up and optimism returning, I thought I’d do a “my favorite things” list. I have a few gems here that make me happy even on the gloomiest of days.

Starting with this new tumbler! I picked it up at the Phoenix Airport and love it. Of course I love what it says but I love also that part of the purchase goes toward the battle against breast cancer. Supporting causes through purchases are some of my favorite things to buy.

mini lt blue.jpg

And speaking of causes, I love wonderful Bens Bells out of Arizona. It’s a cause aimed at promoting kindness and it is worth a look and some dollars sent their way. I am honored to be donating a set of South Pole Santa books to their upcoming fundraiser on May 6.

I may have talked here before about how much I love my Passion Planner. I’ve blitzed mine out here with a Kindness Matters sticker that I also love but these planners are the BEST! I track my whole life in here and what I love the very most is that every week there is a specific place for you to track “good things that happen.” So great!! I always strive to fill that area completely up. :)

I have been spending quality time reading. Oh my gosh. I had a personal goal to read 12 books this year – one a month. I know that is a completely laughable goal for all you true book readers and certainly for myself in the past as well. But when I’m in the middle of writing I find I don’t have time to read – it is one thing or another - so I gave myself a “re-entry” goal I felt I could achieve. Plus, I decided that I wanted most of those books to be by self-published authors. Gotta support my own kind!

Well, I have blown through my 12 books this year goal! I just finished my fifteenth. Most of them have indeed been self-published, some have been best sellers, most have been series (I’m the opposite of many readers – I love a series!) and most have been fiction. I had almost forgotten how wonderful it is to curl up with coffee and raindrops coming down outside and lose yourself in a great adventure. Definitely one of my very favorite things.

While I don't have a pic of either of them, two new apps (to me) also are making this round of my favorites list. I am crazy about the great service of Prime Now and UberEats. Both of these apps make life easier during those times when even one more thing is going to put you on tilt – liking having to run to the store for a last minute gift you forgot to pick up or coming home from work just too tired to even pour cereal. Prime Now and Uber Eats to the rescue! Prime Now promises to have what you purchase off the site to your home within not days but just hours! And UberEats lets you scan local restaurants, order and an Uber driver will pick it up and deliver it right to your door. Ah, modern life. :)

Lastly, one of my very favorite things, is seeing our beautiful plum tree in full blossom every year around St. Patricks Day. It’s been so cold here that its running behind this spring but I know it’s coming, it’s going to be glorious and it’s going to make me smile!

Love and joy in abundance to all of you wherever you are!