Joyous July

Happy Joy in July everyone!

This month – like all of them anymore – is flying by. We are having the most perfect weather summer this year in the Pacific Northwest. The days are full of sunshine, light breezes and 72 degree days. I am loving it!

A little too much to be honest since buckling down on writing and editing can get pushed to the back when the beautiful outdoors calls. Oh my!

But progress is being made and I’m swinging by today to share that a new look for this website and blog is coming soon! Oh. My. Goodness!!!! I’m both super jazzed and a little petrified. It is going to be wonderful to give this space an updated look and feel – and especially to have it be mobile ready so you’ll be able to check in from your phone or notebook. Hooray! There’s a tinge of “oh my goodness” though because the site is definitely going to “up my game” a bit. I’m hoping it will showcase the books and kindness even more and reach a lot more readers and kindness lovers.

Meanwhile, what have you been doing to bring joy to July and to reach for the best summer ever? I’ve been packing in the fun and finding joy at pretty much every turn. Right now, the big guy above is adding a bunch into the mix! My guy is a super animal lover – especially dogs. And of dog choices, there’s none he loves more than a big ole’ golden retriever! So while Ballards parents are off touring Europe for a few weeks we are stepping in as his foster parents.

Did I mention he’s just a couple years old and 90 pounds – he’s mostly just a huge puppy! The boy has energy galore. Fortunately, we have an off-leash dog park near us so we’ve been running some of that energy off him playing with other dogs. It’s been a little bit crazy but a whole lot of fun too.

Added to that has been visits from wonderful friends and family, lots of eating and drinking, lots of walking, lots of dreaming and scheming. Life is good! Thanks for being part of mine! See you soon on the new site!

Nicole BonsolComment