I could use a little help . . .


Hi all! I'm dreaming big again so I’ve got me some opportunities, some tips to share and a requesttoday.

I’ll just start right out with the request. If you’ve read any of the South Pole Santa books, enjoyed them and haven’t left a review on Amazon, Goodreads or even Barnes & Noble or any other book selling site where they are available, I could use your help. Reviews help books get found by other readers. They not only help you move up the list on the book websites but other readers often consider them before purchasing and they help give confidence in their buying decisions. Plus, reviews help books get consideration by promoters – which is what I am needing right now. This is my season and I'm seeking some promotional services! And they check to see how many reviews and how strong they are.

Do you subscribe to any of the free book services? I hope so! If not, that's one of my tips today. I've found some really great series by up-and-coming, generally self-published authors by subscribing to these services. Each service sends an email to your inbox daily and offer a variety of free and discounted ebooks in a variety of genre’s depending on what you sign up to have delivered. If you love books and reading you simply owe it to yourself to try these services out! And to make it easy, I’m including links to some of the most well-known here today.


It’s these book promoters I’m needing my reviews for. In the past, I’ve had great luck with several but not-so-much luck with some of the more popular ones and frankly, with The Search for South Pole Santa being updated and even more fun, well, I’m wanting them to consider it again!

So your reviews are always welcome and especially now. (And thank you over and over!)

Now for another tip to pass along today that I learned from my recent travels. I read ebooks, most often, not through my kindle but actually off my kindle app on my smart phone. While that isn’t for everyone, I have a large screen phone and that way, the book is always with me so when I find even a few minutes waiting or standing in line – I can put them to good use. I really like it and have found I’ve been able to read a lot more books this year because of it.


So this weekend, stuck for a few unexpected hours in the San Francisco airport, I decided to treat myself to Dan Brown’s new adventure, Origin. Anybody else a Dan Brown fan? I love how he keeps you guessing and always offers up some provocative ideas to consider along the way. Well, my Kindle app would only let me download a free sample of the book – not the full book. No matter what button I hit, including trying to download it off the Amazon app also on my phone, I could not find a way to buy it. Finally, feeling fully irritated about being foiled on my plan, I popped over and googled the problem – only to find out many others have as well.

I don’t get any of the nonsensical reasoning around it but suffice it to say, if you want to download a book off Amazon on to a non-kindle device like my smart phone, then you actually need to pop over, google Amazon.com, bring that up, type in the book or author and, wa-la!, at last you will see you can purchase and download the full book. In checking, I found this even included downloading the South Pole Santa books as well. A whole bunch of silliness from my view. But you heard it here first. Don’t let them foil you – just do a go around!

Oh and if you read and discover any great new reads off those free services, be sure and pop over to Amazon or your favorite book purchasing site and leave the author a review. They will love you like they love their mother for a few minutes for it!  :)