Hello 2017! A year of kindness!


A new day and a new year = new experiences and new adventures!

I'm ready to welcome this new year. I'm seeing the old one out with a last vicious cold. Grrrrrrr. This whole being sick thing has got to end with the old year. I am soooooo over picking up every cold going around!

But in between bouts of throwing myself a big ole pity party, I have been thinking on the year behind and the year ahead. Mostly, I feel overwhelming gratitude for both. So much learning and wonder that came this past year and so much promise of wonderful ahead. In fact, I'm sort of super jazzed about the year ahead. I'm thinking some bold changes are to come and that holds excitement!

Do you make resolutions? I don't really - too much to fall short on - but I do love to make lists and I've got a long one for the new year from moving more, eating less meat, reading a book a month, building out this web site :) , reissuing book one, releasing an audio version of book one, donating more, decluttering closets, dreaming bigger, acting bolder, being more visible -- the list is long. Too long.

So, in the end, I thought on what I most want and that is to simply live in joy and kindness. Stay high. Choose kindness. Everyday. Seek joy. Find joy. Be joy! So that's my resolution. It's a great one really and I ask you too to share it and pass it on. If we all choose joy and kindness this year we can - we will - change the world. 

That's big. Really big. But together we can do anything. We live in an unlimited world with unlimited potential. Let's think big and bold! And kind.

And I want to do it all with EASE and INTENTION so those are my guiding theme words for the year. 

So now, how about you? Any resolutions? Any theme word? I'd love to hear them! 

Hey and that cool pic above is direct from my sister who celebrated New Years Eve in Sydney Harbour Australia this year!