Happy December!

Oh beautiful wonders, I am being completely astonished that December has arrived.


My full family - except just one - plus some extra "framily" members, making 19 of us in total, got to spend Thanksgiving in the tropical paradise of Maui Hawaii. So spectacular and so much fun! We all did so well, spending mornings on the beach and in the water, afternoons adventuring (and napping! so glorious) and evenings discovering island eateries. Pretty much a perfect week.

Except for the one tiny thing that it didn't feel like Thanksgiving. Here in the Seattle area our holidays come with falling leaves, usually some rain, always a chill in the air. Thanksgiving also comes with a big ole turkey dinner and the Macy's Day Parade. I'm happy to say I did get to see the parade this year but still have not had one bite of turkey or dressing or the fixings so it still feels like pre-Thanksgiving and November - definitely not the magical month of December yet!

But alas, the most merry month has arrived and is zooming on by! As usual this time of year, I am busy talking up the South Pole Santa series as a merry-making addition to family holiday fun. In fact, I had a wonderful time this week, speaking at a 4th grade class talking on the joys and discipline of writing. Such fun getting their questions!

Happy 1st Birthday to my adorable niece Penelope who was fearless in Hawaii being in and around our great big ocean!

Have you read any of the South Pole Santa books and enjoyed them? I would love your review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. It helps the books to be found and I just know there are kindness lovers out there who would enjoy them this holiday season. Huge thanks from me for reading and reviewing.

Lastly today, these cute tree ornaments are so simple and so charming, I had to pass them along. They come from a creative site called ZingZing Tree. These would be a perfect cold day activity for kids of every age this holiday season. http://zingzingtree.com/pipe-cleaner-christmas-tree-decorations/

Thanks for being wonderful! Get out and change the world!