Getting all patriotic! And a winner!

Wooooo Hooooo! Best news first! Congratulations to Rita B who was this issue of the Jolly Jingle’s lucky prize winner of a nice pile of some popular summer reading! Thanks super much Rita for being a supporter of Sandra and the gang.

There are few things I love more than a nice holiday weekend. This one happens to be extra fabulous because it is all about the “pursuit of happiness” – one of the things I am particularly good at. 🙂 Plus, the  4th just happens to be my special day of the year so I always get a double celebration of fun. I live lucky! As it happens, this weekend also happens to be my cover artist – and best friend – Tina’s birthday too! We wasted no time last night kicking off the fun and our waitress spoiled us with two free desserts. Nice start! That’s us up above getting the weekend party started. 🙂

Naturally such a patriotic occasion calls for special touches to come out around the house – and the office in this case. I’ve been so on the run I actually haven’t had time to pull out the boxes (yes boxes as in multiples! When your birthday is the 4th of July you tend to collect some fun patriotic things over the years! 🙂) but I have found a few ways to deck the halls – at home and at work.

My weekend is full to the top with loads of fun. Somewhere in there however, some book editing has got to be worked in! There’s also some wine tasting, lunching, walking, laughing, celebrating and picnicking going on – all the best stuff! When I was looking for some easy ideas for appetizers to bring along I came across this fun one from the blog Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons and thought some of the rest of you might like the inspiration too for something super easy and super festive to take along.

Whatever you are doing this holiday weekend, fill it with happiness and joy! It’s not just an American right, it’s a right for all!  Thanks for being wonderful

Nicole BonsolComment