Free smiles! Free book alert!

Get ready, get set, go . . . right on over to and get your FREE ebook copy of where it all started, The Search for South Pole Santa!

Right now, for the next three days actually, - Nov 3, 4, 5, 2016 - The Search for South Pole Santa is FREE to download!

This small, charming tale, updates our traditional Santa story and brings it more into our modern times while honoring and holding on to all the things children – and the young at heart – love most about Christmas.

I am blessed to have many wonderful reviews from readers on the Amazon and Goodreads sites. Because the South Pole Santa series deals with Santa –obviously! – many people assume they are books for children. And they definitely are! But, for me, as the author, I write them for people of all ages and especially I write them for families to enjoy together so I refer to them as “family adventures.”

You can call them whatever you like. I’d just like you to read them and enjoy them and the first one, this weekend, is on me! Do the people in your world a favor: tell everyone! J I just know you have friends and family who could use a little extra merriment added to their day and this book full of elves and kindness might be just the smile maker they need. Oh Oh Oh!

So go on now with your bad self - here's the link. Enjoy!