Enchantments is Coming this Season!

Well Hello my pretties! How’s everyone on this absolutely fabulous first day of my favorite month of the year?

Hello October! Love this month!

Every single thing about it (except the days getting dark) is my favorite. It’s full of beauty, pumpkins abound, the days are crisp, fog greets the mornings, hay rides and fall farms are open, Halloween is everywhere, football is on the tellie, hot apple cider, harvest moons, there’s 31 days – you name it, I pretty much love it about this fabulous month! Maybe most especially, it is the month where the South Pole Santa books always make their debut. :)

So welcome October, hang around for a while please. Okay, moving on because there is so much to tell!

Do you love, love, love my new book cover above?! Once again the marvel that is Tina Fischer Mitchell hit it out of the park with theEnchantments cover. I love that it captures one of my favorite scenes in the book in so much of the same way as I see it in my mind. And I love that Sandra looks older – as she is now – and very determined as she is in this book. Plus, on the back Tina has placed a globe featuring longitude and latitude lines and they also have a key role in this book! It is just the perfect, inviting, cover.

Next, can I just say to you really loud that I am:


Seriously, I can hardly stand myself at times because I want to talk out loud about what happens. Some of you please, please, read it right away so we can talk on some of the surprising turn of events that occur. Not spoiling the story is one of my hardest things about writing! I have to keep mum on everything that is happening.

But soon you’ll be able to know the latest and greatest on what is happening with Sandra and her friends too. There is just soooooo much!

Meanwhile, some things to share for now:

First: Enchantments has been sent off to the publisher and should be available by no later than the last week of October. The Kindle edition follows about ten days later.

Second: It came out at about 12,000 words longer than the last two so it is quite a bit bigger.

Third: I’ll just spill it out and tell you right here that Sandra does find her parents. (Hooray!) Now, of course, things are not that simple, but my intention was always to end the series at five books and with that happy ending. So how is it that none of that is happening? Alas!

Fourth: Which means, yes, there will be a sixth book! There are just too many adventures to be had for the South Pole Santa gang.

Fifth: However, that book will probably not be coming out next year. I know, I know, a wait can really bite but this author has so many ideas and needs a little writing break to pursue some of the other things. I would love for more people to discover the books and I need some time to promote them. I also have some grand plans for building out this website and especially would love to develop the Academy of Kindness as a resource for families, children and the kind at heart. And I’d like to work with Tina to develop a children’s picture book on “The Adventures of Squawk and Rio” or something along that line.

So many ideas and so little time! Ah, but that is likely a sign of a good life as mine certainly is. Thanks for being a part of it. Xx