It’s my season you all! Not just because I write a series with a holiday setting but because I love love love November! (Or Yesvember as I like to call it :)) Every single thing about this month is the best:

  • It features a holiday about gratitude

  • A day to thank our veterans

  • World Kindness Day is in it (November 13)

  • Getting together with friends and family on Thanksgiving

  • The Thanksgiving menu

  • Extra days off from work

  • The promise of the holiday season in the air

  • Family birthdays and anniversaries

    It’s just one of the absolute best months of the year (well, okay, I’m not wild about the short, dark days – hard adjustment.)  

    It’s also a month when I concentrate on promoting the South Pole Santa series and dare to dream of life if – when -- they ever really take off. I’m a dreamer and I like to dream BIG! In my dreamscape, I’d like:

  • Thousands of series readers all around the world – readers who love all the books every year :)

  • To have a Kindness Rocks foundation for promoting kindness around the world :)

  • To have a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – (this is top of the list for my dreaming. I am a parade freak! :) )

  • To have a musical number in the Rockettes (I love this one :) )

  • To have South Pole Santa themed windows in New York City department stores (especially Macy’s) :)

  • To have The Search for South Pole Santa be a Broadway play  (And a billboard in Times Square :))

  • Five movies with songs by the Pierces that people watch every year :)

  • Six part series on Netflix or Amazon :)

  • To talk kindness with Ellen DeGeneres on her show! :)

    I know this is a wild and crazy – even outrageous -- dreaming list but dreams are supposed to be a little wild and cray cray and make you happy thinking about them. These are mine. Just another thing I like to spend time on in this magical month of Yesvember.

    What about you? What lights up your dreaming time?