Birds will tweet for these holiday treats!


I love these little natural double-purpose, homemade, tree ornaments - that I came across on - so much that I simply have to share the idea and how-to with all of you too!

I love song birds. Growing up, it seemed like I saw big robins, little sparrows and even an occasional goldfinch regularly. Now, we seem to see fewer of those and lots of crows. And hummingbirds! Those wonderful little hummers live year-round in the Pacific Northwest. At my house, we are careful to keep the feeder full to help them make it through the cold days safely.

These little birdseed ornaments, though, can help the songbirds in your area do the same. You can hang them on your tree through the holiday and then hang them out for the pretty birds when you take it down.

Win Win! Pop on over to E-How and make a batch with your kids! Here's the easy link: