This week calls for the official last hurrah of summer and we officially move into fall. Bigger than that, September 15th marked just 100 days till Christmas!! We're at 97 days to Christmas Eve tonight as I type! Like it or not y'all, we are closing in on the holiday season.

It is all going a little too fast and has felt a little out of control. Things in my life have been coming fast and furious. Here's some of the biggees:

  • My mom had major surgery this week on her back. I am thankful to report it went very well and she is home now and working on a full recovery.
  • I had the great privilege of being the chair for one of the regional conferences in my work industry in beautiful Missoula Montana. Great time with great people but greatly exhausted from it too.
  • Meanwhile, my regular job has been full of some big issues of late as well keeping me there - or thinking about it - longer and more than usual.
  • The books! Enchantments is at the editor but there are still all sorts of details to work on while its there in order to get it turned in next week. And I'm pecking away at working on the edits on book one. Pretty exited about the updates so far. And with any luck at all, I'll have a cover to show you soon! So exciting!!!
  • This week I'm on the go again for work and heading to Chicago. Great city! (Even managed to grab tickets for a Cub game at Wrigley field!)
  • And this coming week my guy has surgery on his hand so I'll need to be a good caregiver (not my greatest attribute I fear!)

I suspect you have a list that's similar because the world these days is so doggone on the go. Everything on the list - even my mom's surgery in its way for the time together - actually has been full of special moments and rewarding times. And in the meantime, I have been loving the early fall touches that are already showing all around my town - and in my own house. :)

Join with me in enjoying every single day this fall season and like this past summer lets work to all have the #bestautumnever!