A snippet of fun from the next book!


First, big news! I hit my two favorite words in Enchantments: The End! It took 82,006 words to get there but I arrived at last. It's my biggest book so far. I am so thankful to have the first draft done and plunging in already on the grueling task of editing. All in all, I am really loving how the book is coming together and am hoping you all will love it too!

To celebrate, I thought I'd share a snippet from the book today. Once in a while I write something I think adds both a sense of character and fun to the story in a way that makes me crack up. :) This is one of those scenes out of the next book, Enchantments.

 Tug, you wanna join us? Gunny called out.

 Oh no sir, Mr. Gunny. Im not sure elves can float. Its best if I stay on the boat not under the

boat. He waved and took the backpack down the long deck into the kitchen.

 Elves cant float? Where did you get him from again, Sandra? Gunny asked, feeling amused

with the newest family member aboard the Mistletoe.

 Self-assigned elf, Sandra responded, smiling. He was growing on her. Kind of like how you

are my self-assigned escort. She grinned and he splashed at her. He came swimming over to dunk her just as Rio

came by and Sandra caught a ride on a well-timed dolphin fin and Gunny went splashing after them.

 From the dock, Jason had caught just enough of the flirting fun the two were having to know he

didnt like it. He sat and waited patiently on the dock slightly out of sight till the trio returned. As Sandra came up the

dock ladder, he was there smiling.

 Sand, there you are! Jason said. Let me help you up. Even all wet you look beautiful. He meant that. She did.

 Sandra was shocked to see him. Once again, no warning, no notice, he was just there. Jason?

What a surprise, she stammered, as he wrapped a big towel around her and pulled her too close

and too tight on the premise he was drying her off just as Gunny came up the ladder scowling.

Seeing what Jason was up to, Gunny debated for the slightest moment on whether to get out or jump back in, grab a dolphin tale and dump

out in the sand beyond the docks far away from the guy killing his happy afternoon. Ultimately, it wasnt even a debate. There was no way he was going to look the other way and let the fairy ball boy make headway with his Santa. He grabbed the last rung of the

ladder and climbed out, dripping all over the dock, until Tug came running with a towel.

 Tug, Gunny said. Do me a favor and spill ice water all over that fairy king sitting too close to


 SIR! Lower your voice, Tug urged. Hes a royal guest!

 No Tug, thats where youre wrong. Hes a royal pest.