Oh Oh Oh What a Great Life!

It's a beautiful fall Sunday in October and I woke up feeling grateful.

Largely thanks to all the great people in it, I live such a fun life! Yes, are there things that aren't quite as ideal as I'd like, you bet. I would love to be thirty pounds lighter, work four days a week, have more free time, have thousands of readers who love the books . . . like everyone, I have "things." But in the big picture of the world, my life is full and rich with fun and happy moments. I really feel strongly that I live lucky! These pictures help tell the story but here's three practical tips that help as well just in case you could use some reminders on cranking up your happy level too on this beautiful fall day:

  • I live every day in gratitude! Especially on the days where things could have gone better, I take time to be grateful. It makes everything better.
  • I surround myself with people who are awesome. My family and friends are, well, just cool. Even you my wonderful readers. Sandra attracts only the best and I love that!
  • I don't bother with issues I can't change. I concentrate on trying to make a positive difference for those in my circle and I let the rest go. I'd go crazy otherwise. Life can be far too overwhelming. 

Thank you wonderful wonderful readers for adding good moments and big smiles to my life! I never take it for granted. Love to you all!